Words NOT to Put on Your Resume

When writing a resume you think things like “go-getter,” “think outside the box,” and “team player” are good things to put on your resume.  Well, you would be wrong.  According to the Business Insider article “The 17 Worst Things to Say on Your Resume,” those words are among the top ten words you DON’T want to use!

Ok.  Don’t freak out.

These words are not desirable for a simple reason: they are vague.  How do you prove you’re a “go-getter?”  What metrics do you have to show you “think outside the box?”  What constitutes a “team player?”  I’m not being rhetorical.  I’m serious.  Answer those questions.  Instead of being vague about your qualifications, put your qualifications in measurable terms:

-I initiated a charity program = go-getter

-After traditional marketing did not work, I devised a way to partner with (insert company here) = think outside the box

-With my team of 10 people we created a solution to water scarcity and I was in charge of marketing = team player

See the difference?