Why a Digital Portfolio?

Alright, the first thing that you’re probably asking is “What’s a Digital Portfolio?”  Well, you wouldn’t be alone.  Many people don’t know what a Digital Portfolio is, but it’s a useful tool when you’re looking for a position.

A Digital Portfolio is basically a culmination of the work you’ve done throughout your college career that showcases your abilities.  So, if you are an artist or a music major you can create galleries of your work.  If you’re a law student, you can keep a cache of your papers.  If you’re a journalist, you can create a holding of all of your articles.  The easiest way to create this Digital Portfolio is through a website creation site such as Weebly, Wix, or WordPress.

Why a website?  Easy.  When you submit your resume, that’s only one page, a snapshot of what you can do (as it should be).  But you can add a website URL or QR code to a website easily and show that you not only can manipulate a resume, but you can also manipulate websites.  Not to mention all of your amazing work that you’ve done!

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