A Perspective from a Returning Student




After being away from school for more than a decade, it’s taking some time getting acclimated. I worried about staying caught up, being organized and balancing my personal life. Here are some techniques and strategies that I found helpful that may benefit you, if you are a returning student like me.

Do your research– NOVA offers a web based program that allows you to research your professors called Rate My Professors. Use this tool to get to know your professor before taking their classes. Here is a link to the website:

  • Consider balance when choosing classes– Counselors will advise and direct you toward a specific plan but you will need to choose your classes wisely. Try selecting no more than two difficult classes and balancing them with an elective or something you enjoy. For example: If your Major is Business Administration and you have a passion for Math; I recommend taking Intro to Business, Communications and Math. I believe that you are more capable of doing your best when you are in balance.
  • Utilizing services on campus– TILT (Technology Innovation in Learning and Teaching) is a great resource for students. Located in the Bisdorf building (343), TILT is an active learning space where you can collaborate in small groups and utilize different technological equipment. The staff is also available to help you with various technology questions.

Be Smart! Take Advantage and Succeed!

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