Adventures of a Senior Citizen: Working with TILT

Guest Blogger: Margaret Ransom

This Spring, this 63 year young student was fortunate enough to begin working with TILT (Technology Innovation in Learning and Teaching) where I am expanding my use and knowledge of technology.  Prior to working with TILT, I had used an iPad only once when I had to submit a French assignment late one night and a kind person’s iPad was the only technology available.  I had a lot of trouble trying to log in to my NOVA account and then submit the assignment.  Now I use an iPad 5 days a week to sign-in and to help instructors sign out equipment.  I also learned how to use an iPod Touch with which I had a lot of fun taking pictures on LTR Day.

Prior to TILT, I also had never used a Samsung dual camera nor Media:Scape.  A dual camera allows its user to both take pictures and create videos.  Instructional videos can be made to facilitate classroom teaching.  Cameras are available in the TILT Center for use by the faculty.

This is a Media:Scape

Media:Scape is a combination of furniture and technology to facilitate the sharing of information within groups, whether in the same room or around the world.  This technology allows collaboration using iPads, laptops, MacBooks, PCs, or cute little red Surface Pro tablets.  Surface Pro tablets can be made to look like laptops when you add a Surface keyboard.  It is enhanced with magnetic stability to keep the keyboard steady—regardless of where you’re working.

An example of how one can use Skype in their French classroom. C’est si bon!

Skype is just one way to take advantage of Media:Scape’s capabilities.  Recently a group of 8 people collaborated around the Media: Scape table to learn about Office Mix, which is a new add-on feature of PowerPoint.  Office Mix is intended to take existing PowerPoint slides and turn them into cloud-hosted interactive lessons, complete with links to external resources and with built-in tests.

iPads, iPods, laptops, MacBook, PCs, and cute little red Surface Pro tablets are all used in TILT.  Working in the TILT Center is an amazing experience and has truly expanded my use and knowledge of technology.

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