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Summer Student Series: Walking The Path

A path is often defined by the obstacles that either surround it or are a part of it. Often the more we know about a particular path, the more likely we are to choose that path or find another. Those that have walked a potential path before us, supply us with the first hand information we need to make an informed decision on which path to choose.

Annie Birge has walked several paths here at NOVA. One of the paths was NOVA’s Pathway To The Baccalaureate program, where 86% of the students who have participated, have transitioned from high school directly into post-secondary education.

“Pathway [to the Baccalaureate] took me immediately into their arms and I instantly reaped the benefit of the individualized, compassionate, and straight-forward support that the programs allows its participants.”

Check out the full blog post here.

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Summer Student Series: Politics in a Technology World

As you have seen (and read) previously, we’ve got a few guest bloggers here at Tech4Students.  Another one of those in our “Summer Student Series” is Annie Birge, a recent graduate of NOVA and now a student of the University of Virginia, starting this fall.  Annie has served as the SGA President here on the Alexandria campus, and has worked with many of the student organizations/clubs to better our local community.  Whether it is politics, technology, photography, or travel, Annie is always eager to share her thoughts and welcomes dialogue, with anyone, anytime.  She is charismatic and driven (a scary good combination) and while that comes through in the conversations you have with her, it shines bright in her blog as well.

Her most recent post is entitled “Voter Gravity.” Below is an excerpt from that post, along with a link to the full article.

“…I was tasked with searching for tools or resources that help campaigns GET OUT THE VOTE – the process that motivates constituents to exercise their voting rights and get to the polls.

For Grassroots campaigns, getting out the vote is difficult because unlike their money-loaded counterparts, they are unable to pay for valuable ways to reach the voters, like TV time. Grassroots organizations and campaigns take to free methods such as utilizing social media, door knocking, and phone banks, all taken on by usually unpaid volunteers.”

Annie’s full post on “Voter Gravity” here.

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