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Why a Digital Portfolio?

Alright, the first thing that you’re probably asking is “What’s a Digital Portfolio?”  Well, you wouldn’t be alone.  Many people don’t know what a Digital Portfolio is, but it’s a useful tool when you’re looking for a position.

A Digital Portfolio is basically a culmination of the work you’ve done throughout your college career that showcases your abilities.  So, if you are an artist or a music major you can create galleries of your work.  If you’re a law student, you can keep a cache of your papers.  If you’re a journalist, you can create a holding of all of your articles.  The easiest way to create this Digital Portfolio is through a website creation site such as Weebly, Wix, or WordPress.

Why a website?  Easy.  When you submit your resume, that’s only one page, a snapshot of what you can do (as it should be).  But you can add a website URL or QR code to a website easily and show that you not only can manipulate a resume, but you can also manipulate websites.  Not to mention all of your amazing work that you’ve done!

Want help setting this up?  Come to AA337 for more info.


So you have a project.  You have to make a presentation about the novel you just read.  You could go with the old standby “The PowerPoint,” but do you really want to stand up in front of the class and go slide by slide by slide by slide by slide by slide by…I think you get my point.

Well, why not try iMovie!  You can add video and still photos (to make your PowerPoint show up as pictures simply go to save as and where it says PowerPoint hit the drop down menu and choose JPEG).  iTunes has music you can use or you can check out Creative Commons to find music that goes with the mood you are trying to create.  Check out our intro video if you don’t believe me! IS&D Introduction Video

QR Codes

Alright, hopefully all of you reading this know what a QR code is…No?  Ok, a QR code stands for Quick Response Code.  This barcode looking thing is designed to take you directly to a webpage.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had plenty of issues trying to type in a web address.  This easily allows you to access a webpage without any issue or fuss.

How do you access these codes, you may ask.  With an app.  There are a plethora of QR readers in both the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.  Here are some of the ones we have used:


QR Reader

QR Reader HD


LiveSafe App

In our continuing commitment to the highest level of campus safety, NOVA has launched a new mobile safety app called LiveSafe. The LiveSafe app will improve communication between students, faculty, staff and NOVA Police, and will facilitate emergency response in critical situations. Our goal is to work with you to help build a safer campus.

The LiveSafe app allows you to:

  • Report tips to or request emergency services anonymously from NOVA Police.
  • Send your location to NOVA Police.
  • Let friends or family monitor your movements, so you never have to walk alone.
  • Share your concerns and suggestions with NOVA Police.
  • Have critical safety information at your fingertips.

Getting the app is fast, easy and FREE!

    1. Visit the iTunes or Google Play Store and download the LiveSafe app (blue shield icon).
    2. Choose NOVA from the list of schools.
    3. Fill in your name and contact info, so we can reach you in the event of an emergency.

If you have any questions about LiveSafe, check out or call NOVA Dispatch at 703.764.5000.

Atomic Learning through Blackboard by: Benhur Hadgu

 Atomic Learning through Blackboard

by: Benhur Hadgu

Atomic learning is a website that offers educational training in technology for students that need to enhance their skills. Students can access programs such as SQL and learn Internet safety.  It gives students important information about privacy, sharing passwords, and safe shopping online. Security issues are major concerns for computers today. Every user will need to purchase Anti-virus or McAfee Virus Scan to protect itself from Viruses and Malware. The program itself is used to access and manipulate data from relational database management systems. The major ones used are access, oracle and cybase.

In addition, atomic learning also does offer certificates of Evidence of Learning. It will enhance your resume. It has certification on different subjects it offers. The certifications are available after 15 minutes of completion. Atomic learning does not stop there, it offers outlook, Co-Writer, learning how to adjust a USB switch and much more. A really helpful part I found on the website is Bookshare which can help you find books you need for your classes or for research. The website has a lot of options where it gives in depth detail about any book you need for research. It also offers tips and additional requirements for each book you are looking for. Also, it has different subjects you can do your research on and find information. Atomic Learning can be a great tool for someone that needs an education on computer basics and an advanced knowledge that can be helpful in the future.