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From the Green Screen to the Big Screen

Guest Blogger: Samantha Blain




Any assignments this summer related to creating or producing a video? Have you ever wondered how to change the background of your scene, transporting yourself to another location? Tilt’s Green Screen Room (AA337) in the Bisdorf building gives you the ability to do just that.

The green screen is part of the special effects process known as Chromakey. Chromakeing is the process of singling out a particular color (green in this case), in an electronic image and then using computer software to make that color transparent. With the equipment in the Green Screen Room, you can place yourself on a beach with a T-Rex chasing behind you!

The App Green Screen Movie FX, used in the example above, is a computer software that allows you to create your scene. Some other apps you can use are iMovie, Movie Maker, Veescope, and DoInk.