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What’s a Prezime?

Alright, now I’m sure you all know what a resume is.  In fact, some of you may have had to write a resume when you applied for admission or for some of your classes.  How many of you used a template from Microsoft?  Be honest.  Now, how many people do you think use that template on a daily basis?

Let me first say that there is nothing wrong with the templates you find on Microsoft.  They are efficient and put the information a future employer would like to see in a format they are familiar with.  Familiar.  Do you pay attention to things you’re already familiar with?  Do you want an employer to simply skim over your resume because he/she already knows where the information is?  I don’t!

So here is an alternative.  It’s called a Prezime.  Instead of the traditional one page resume, you take all of the same information and put it into a Prezi Presentation.  It adds color, animation, and a bit of flair to introduce you to your next possible employer.

WARNING: Know your audience.  A Prezime is not perfect for all occasions.  If you want to be a teacher, great!  Try a Prezime.  If you want to be a lawyer, you might want to stick with tradition.  As long as you are cognizant of the position you are applying for, you should be good to go!

Prezime Example


The third tool that is highly useful when searching for employment is CareerBuilder.  The setup is simple enough: go to the website careerbuilder.com, type the keywords for the position you are looking for, add the particular city or zip code where you are looking to work, and narrow down your search by adding a category (i.e. education, finance, etc.), then click Find Jobs.  Searching for a photographer position in Washington, D.C. in Journalism yielded nine results.  From there you have the options to check the job requirements and many of the sites give you an option to fill out an application right then and there.

What Happens When I Leave – Indeed

The second tool that is highly useful when searching for employment is Indeed.com. The site itself is

incredibly easy to use. You simply type in what type of a job you are looking for and where you are

looking for it to be located. Then click “Find Jobs.” When I did a search for a Chemists position in/

near Fairfax Virginia the site populated 26 options. When you click on an option you get a detailed

description of the position and either a link to the employer’s website or the option to apply directly

from the search result. You can also save jobs so that you can apply for them later or block the

particular employer from your search results. These options do require you to set up an account, but

the account is totally FREE! It’s definitely worth a look.

The thing I enjoyed the most about indeed was my ability to post a resume. I would suggest leaving a

generic resume and supplement it with more specialized resumes depending on what you are applying

for (but more on that later). This made the application process a breeze when it came to applying

directly from the site.

Do they have jobs that you might want? Indeed.


What is your goal being here at NOVA?  Do you want to be an accountant, or a horticulturalist, or a Photographer?  Perhaps a mechanic, or an Engineer, a Web Designer, a Dental Hygienist, or a Teacher?  Whatever your goal for being here at NOVA, there are some tools that are universally useful in the search for employment after graduation.  The first one we are going to talk about today is LinkedIn.    LinkedIn allows you to make a social networking site designed to help you become employed.

The concept of networking forms the basis for this site.  By adding people you know (sort of like friending people on FaceBook), you expand your job search.  I’m going to use being a teacher because that was what I did as an example.  As a teacher, I know my principal and added him as a person I know on my LinkedIn account.  My principal happens to know the C.E.O. of a large educational technology firm.  Because there is the “link” between my principal and me, the C.E.O. can see my skill set and thinks I might be a good fit for a job he has available.  I’m asked to apply for the position.  See how that works?  When it comes to finding a good job, networking is the key!

Check out LinkedIn…you never know what might be waiting for you out there…