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What’s a Curriculum Vitae?

Alright, so what’s a Curriculum Vitae and why would you need one?

Well, you know your resume should (at most) be a one page synopsis of your work history and education.  Since it’s only one page long you can imagine that you’re not going to be really in-depth with the things you did in school.  Now, let me put in right here that MOST employers only want a resume!  If they don’t ask for a curriculum vitae don’t give them one…trust me…it’s annoying.

Now, if a curriculum vitae is requested what should you do with it?  Well, it’s a good place for you to go into detail about what you did in school.  Did you have teaching and/or research assistant experience? (Note: Research Assistant does not mean you did a research paper, it means you were part of ongoing research by a professor for an academic journal.)  Were you published?  Did you present at any large conferences?  Did you receive any academic honors or awards?  Were you a part of an academic community?  By elaborating on these things you can show that even though you may not have a hearty work history, you know what you are doing and you are qualified for the job at hand.

You could even do an e-portfolio to really impress employers, but more on that later.

Click here for Curriculum Vitae examples!

What’s a Prezime?

Alright, now I’m sure you all know what a resume is.  In fact, some of you may have had to write a resume when you applied for admission or for some of your classes.  How many of you used a template from Microsoft?  Be honest.  Now, how many people do you think use that template on a daily basis?

Let me first say that there is nothing wrong with the templates you find on Microsoft.  They are efficient and put the information a future employer would like to see in a format they are familiar with.  Familiar.  Do you pay attention to things you’re already familiar with?  Do you want an employer to simply skim over your resume because he/she already knows where the information is?  I don’t!

So here is an alternative.  It’s called a Prezime.  Instead of the traditional one page resume, you take all of the same information and put it into a Prezi Presentation.  It adds color, animation, and a bit of flair to introduce you to your next possible employer.

WARNING: Know your audience.  A Prezime is not perfect for all occasions.  If you want to be a teacher, great!  Try a Prezime.  If you want to be a lawyer, you might want to stick with tradition.  As long as you are cognizant of the position you are applying for, you should be good to go!

Prezime Example