Class Opportunities 2020

Have you had a chance to look at the updated online Technology Training Center?

New Year, new classes, new topics, 1:1 opportunities for training.
Online, One Hour Trainings:
Health Apps-Jan 13, 2020
Zoom for Instruction (using it with Canvas)-Jan 13, and 24, 2020
Zoom Special Features,-Jan 23, 2020
Zoom for Meetings-Jan 21, 27 2020
Introduction to Google Docs-Jan 14, 2020
Introduction to Google Slides & ADA Accessibility-Jan 16 and 30, 2020
Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark-Jan 17, 2020
Introduction to Google Forms-Jan 22, 2020
10 Useful Functions in Outlook-Jan 31, 2020
Classroom, Face to Face Trainings:
Excel Basics-Jan 15, 2020
Excel Intermediate-Jan 29, 2020
PowerPoint Basics, NOVA Branding and ADA Accessibility-Jan 28, 2020

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4 thoughts on “Class Opportunities 2020”

    1. Dear William,
      The Outlook class happens today and registration is closed for this section. There will be Outlook classes in the future, please check back with the Technology Training Center catalog
      Thank you for your interest!! There are other interesting courses to check out!

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