Project Based Learning versus Assigning a Project

“Doing a Project” vs. Project Based Learning –Check out the following article which describes the difference between assigning a project, which culminates the end of the course learning, and PBL (project based learning), which is an ongoing instruction and learning process. PBLs capture real-world issues, challenges, problems and encourage students to work collaboratively to design, plan and address them. Students are highly challenged to use critical thinking skills, developing their thinking processes for the future.

One thought on “Project Based Learning versus Assigning a Project”

  1. This is a great article! Thanks for sharing. As project based learning (PBL) involves many steps I believe it is very important to start SMALL and build upon skills SLOWLY when introducing this to a class. While introducing the assignment(s) it will be important for each student to know there are NO WRONG ANSWERS. This is a process versus product based learning experience that involves many parts. Breaking each step down and providing feedback along the way with time to reflect and change as appropriate are also key factors. Keep in mind this type of learning requires collaboration which may either introduce or reinforce the skills of: communication, problem solving, critical thinking, leadership and time management. As this research based strategy often takes additional time be prepared for possible due date extensions. Therefore consider giving original short due dates with the ability to amend and grant additional time. You might find yourself in more a facilitator versus instructor role, but being able to see students operate outside of their comfort zone and succeed is priceless!

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