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Infographics and Accessibility

On February 20th, there will be a workshop on Infographics; how to create them, visualization components and the introduction to several programs.

Infographic Example
The Face of COPD

Infographics, or information graphics, combine textual information with graphic depictions of data. How do you address the needs for viewers who experience visual impairments?

  • Consider saving the infographic as PDF and use Adobe Acrobat DC to check for accessibility issues.
  • Try using “alt+text” options for the graphics
  • Try a screen reader to ensure the text “reads” the information from left to right
  • Limit the color choices (2-3) and font type (arial-ex) and sizes (larger if possible)

You can find out more information hereĀ https://www.interactiveaccessibility.com/blog/creating-accessible-infographic#.Xk1iAyhKiM8