A New Book by Kelly Ann Jacobson 


Kelly Ann Jacobson’s first book of poetry, I Have Conversations with You in My Dreams, was published by Alabaster Leaves in January 2016. Ms. Jacobson is TNVR’s Vol. 30 best fiction winner for “I AM the Tule Tree.”

“Kelly Ann Jacobson’s poetry reminds me that not everything in life has to be about the dark side to be engaging. This collection introduces a new narrator into the medium, full of style, full of substance. Always authentic. Read it in a field. Read it on the train. The poems bring a sense of nostalgia, and like something nostalgic, you’ll walk away feeling like you belong to a world and words you probably haven’t stopped and thought about for too long.” -
- Scott Laudati, Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair

“In I Have Conversations with You in My Dreams Kelly Ann Jacobson writes of her journeys across oceans and back again—from London to New York, Lancaster to Rome. Even though she stamps her words all over the globe, these poems feel like home: accessible, intimate and deeply moving.”

 — Marie Abate, The April Sonnets

“Kelly Ann Jacobson’s I Have Conversations With You In My Dreams is a wandering intersection of past and present, of sense and memory. Her lyricism wraps the reader into a micro-narrative with each poem, recording the passing of multitudes of single moments that score a sweeping range of times and places. Much like a pointillist painting, each is vivid, immediate, and precise on its own, but form a dazzling and poignant whole when taken in together, at the end leaving us wondering, as the first poem ruminates, what we are, and where.” 
– Shenan Prestwich, In the Wake

For more about Ms. Jacobson and her work, visit kellyannjocobson.com.