NOW AVAILABLE: Adam Tavel’s second collection of poetry, The Fawn Abyss

TNVR is delighted to announce the publication of The Fawn Abyss by award winning poet and TNVR 2016 contributor Adam Tavel.

“The Fawn Abyss explores the emotionally fraught terrain of family, belonging, and injustice against the pastoral backdrop of the Delmarva Peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay. Steeped in memory, Tavel’s poems conjure a cast of cultural ghosts—from Abraham Lincoln to Sam Cooke—in their documentary investigations of the past, including the poet’s own youth. These retrospections, buoyed by wry wit and cinematic detail, sustain the collection and anchor it in our own whiplash age. . . . ” — From Salmon Poetry 

“Adam Tavel’s vision of life is so generous and large that I am taller having read this book, a full foot above my given height, which means I am able to see just a bit more of the everything he would have me see.”   — Bob Hicok

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