Volume 30

Spring 2016

2016 Cover Art by Michal by Mahgerefeth

2016 Cover Art by Michal Mahgerefeth

Drafting the introduction to a literary journal is akin to writing an obituary. The creation phase is done, nothing new is going to happen, I know how the journal turned out. The hard part is figuring out what to include. When the journal is also the 30th anniversary issue, this task is even harder ( . . . Read More)

Contest Winners

"Fire on Water" by Rosemary Gallick

“Fire on Water” by Rosemary Gallick

ARTFire on Water by Rosemary Gallick:

PROSE: I AM the Tule Tree by Kelly Ann Jacobson

POETRY: Cicadas Browned in Olive Oil by Eric Forsbergh & Mallows by Pamela Murray Winters








Sarah Ann Winn / Glinda on the Wire /Glinda at the East Main Street Baptist Rummage Sale and Church Bazaar
Stan Galloway
/ Endless Somehow
Kelly Cherry
/ On Intuition
Mical Schneider
/ In the First Year of Year of Your Absence
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens
/ a sparrow’s death
Jen Stein /
Ridgewalking / Summiting
Eric Forsbergh / Lake at Night / Cicadas Browned in Olive Oil
Bill Glose
/ Lighthouse Brick
Carina Yun
/ A is / Whiskers
Diana Smith Bolton
/ A True Story Metaphor for Failure
Adam Tavel
/ A Baptism and Hired Hand
Sally Rosen Kindred
/ Dickens at Ten
Benjamin Rader
/ Commencement Address (I-80 West)
Pia Taavila-Borsheim
/ Fashion Forward / Union Square
Nancy Mitchell
/ If Not for the Blood / Catkins
Pamela Murray Winters
/ Mallows


Stephanie Dupal-DeMartin / The Boy and the Bear
Will J. Fawley
/ Uprooted
Amanda Whiting
/ Derby Town
Kelly Ann Jacobson / I AM the Tule Tree
Linda Morefield
/ What You Wish For
Matthew Dulany / Spur of the Moment
Jim McClellan
/ The Calendric Conspiracy of 1752
Ellen Boyers Kwatnoski
/ Like with Like


MIchal Mahgerefeth / Blue Ridge Mountain (cover)

Allen Beland / Copper Kettle
Georgette Grossman
/ Dahlia Droplet
Willa Friedman 
/ Rainbow Lights
Emily Shepardson / Storm Approaching
Clive Pates
/ vii. Transfiguration Series, Avon Hall, Washington, VA
Bob Friedman
/ Manhattan
Pamela Godfrey
/ Field of Flowers
Peter Sittner
/ Squiggle
Stacy Slaten
/ Lineworks 9
Elizabeth Lynch / The Eggplant Family
Ray Orkwis / From Chateau, Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Rosemary Gallick
/ Fire on Water