Volume 31


Cover Art by Cristin Hand


I drafted this note in a crowded Apple store, seated on a square wooden stool in The Forum section, waiting to find out if indeed my MacPro’s motherboard’s days are numbered. (They are.) Next to me, a video screen spanning one entire wall showed an aerial view of NYC, Apple iMessages and emojis appearing and disappearing from various skyscrapers. I looked down at the manuscript of The Northern Virginia Review in my lap and felt a rush of gratitude. “There’s reading and there’s reading,” I thought. “Fast and slow. Thank God for the slow kind.” (Read more . . .)


Contest Winners:

PROSE: Jude and Mary’s House of Love by Stephanie Dupal

POETRY:  Auden in Winter (by Avedon), 1960 by James Harms

         Poems by Holly Karapetkova: Still Sea, Phantoms, and Bad Parenting

ART: Scout Reflected by Willa Friedman:







John Wells / Breaking Points

Naomi Thiers / Release

Bill Glose / Some Things

K. D. Rose / The Physics of Ex

Joanne Rocky Delaplane / Squall Line

Ava C. Cipri / Mother’s Charm Bracelet

Laura Casal / Change

James Harms / Auden in Winter (by Avedon), 1960

Terry Joseph / Photo Album

Misti SnowAmerican Woman

Roberta Senechal de la Roche Kites / Ironwork

Holly Mason / Kourban / April 4, 2015, Charleston, SC

Kristen Hampton / Woman In Jail With A Week To Think, Day 5, Mildred Loving, Old Pauley’s Jail, 1958

Holly Karapetkova / Still Sea / Phantoms / Bad Parenting

Jon Obermeyer / Father Making

Meg Eden / Rainy Season


Stephanie Dupal / Jude and Mary’s House of Love

Suzy Rigdon / The Six and Eight

Kelly Ann Jacobson / The Uncommitted

Beth Konkoski / Grandma’s Laugh

Robert “James” Christiano / The Clothes They Wore                                     

Matthew Dulany / Down Buttermilk Street

Jim McClellan / The Oppressed Confront the Oppressor / A Brief but Brilliant Career

Misti Snow / Legacy


Brandy Lelloo / Nevermore

Jessica Gardner / I Wish You Could Sustain Me / Sustain Detail 2

Judy Guenther / The Eye Staircase / Flying / King Penguins South Georgia

Willa Friedman / Scout Reflected

Ray Orkwis / Two Ghosts / Keyhole Vision

Wayne GuentherMontana Barn / Grounded

Georgette Grossman / A Man and his Dog / Quiet Lunch

Robert Friedman / A Walk in the Park

Russell Creger Berajas / Skeleton Washed Up by Potomac

Cristin Hand / Chrysalis 3

FROM JILL BIDEN: Girls Around the World Are Standing Up For Their Rights