Volume 34

Spring 2020

The Northern Virginia Review Volume 34
I love the people. It’s all about the people, really.
The girl in “Alice” who grows up to have her fairytale burned all hollow until “her heart became a home for bats.”
The two women in “Black on Both Sides,” their raw power so intense I keep rereading to feel the heat.
The woman in “Lost & Found” whose loneliness and fading mind conjure a reality where she has “things to do still.”
The eye that’s drawn to eight umbrellas all hanging
in a crooked row, all the handles facing the same direction.
I love them all, creators and created. I invite them in, talk with them over dinner, imagine
how their lives unspool.


ROBERT BAUSCH FICTION PRIZE: Fighting Marlin by Ace Boggess

POETRY PRIZE: Against Machines by Matthew Roth

ART PRIZE: Hummingbird Fairy and Whangaparaoa in the Morning by Terry Cox-Joseph: