PHY 101 Grading

Grading Policies

Grading Scale: A: 90% or above; B: 80 – 89%; C: 70-79%; D: 60- 69%

Course Grade Total of 100 points.

The course grade is comprised of Laboratory (15%), Homework (15%), Exams (60%), and Projects (10%).

Lab Grade Total 15 pts.

All lab experiments are worth 1 pt each. Students who are late for lab by more than 15 minutes, may still do the lab but will receive no credit for that experiment.

For students who have missed a lab, there will be one extra lab experiment assigned at the end of the semester to make up for any missed lab work. There will be no other lab make-ups.

Homework Total 15 pts.

The homework will be in the form of weekly online quizzes due 11:59 pm on the night before we meet in class. Each quiz problem is worth 0.25 pts towards the total homework grade up to a total of 15 pts. Students should make effort to do the homework on a regular basis as the homework reflects the material covered in class and is the best practice for the exams.

No late quizzes will be accepted. For students who have missed a quiz or problems on a quiz, there will be approximately 15 – 20 extra quiz problems already incorporated in the regular quizzes to make up for the missed grade.

Exams Total 60 pts.

There will five exams each worth 15 pts. The lowest grade exam will be dropped from the course grade. The remaining four exam grades will count towards the total exam grade. The exams will be a mix of multiple choice and essay questions and will reflect the work done in class, both in laboratory and lecture, and the homework problems.

A formula sheet will be provided by the instructor on exam day.

There will be no make-up exams, regardless of the circumstances.

If a student knows in advance that he or she will have to miss an exam, an arrangement may be made with the instructor for the exam to be taken in advance.

Projects Total 10 pts.

The instructor will assign various individual or colaborative student projects throughout the semester. More details will be given as the course progresses.