PHY 231 Outline

Course Outline

This is the first part of the two-semester General University Physics Course taught at NOVA. The class is intended for students who plan to major in physics, engineering, chemistry, or computer science. If your major is different from those mentioned above, or you are not sure whether the class is for you, please, contact the physics department.


MTH 263 and a satisfactory placement score for ENG 111

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes.

Course Content Summary and Objectives as published on the NVCC web site.

By the end of the semester students are expected to know how to apply the following concepts to topics of Mechanics, Fluids, Oscillations, and Thermodynamics:

  • Kinematics: Motion in one and more dimensions, including Rotational Motion
  • Dynamics: Forces, Newton’s Three Laws and their applications.
  • Energy and the Laws of its Conservation.
  • Linear and Angular Momentum and their conservation.

Recommended Textbooks 

OpenStax Physics 

University Physics by Hugh Young and Roger Freedman