Adjunct Faculty Council Programming

The AFC has some great programming planned for 2013.  The dates are set and we want you to participate!  take a look at the programming starting in February 2013!  All meetings start at 5:45 and will end before 7:00.


Thursday, February 7th, 2013 – Active Learning: Beyond the Lecture

This is a seminar that will introduce different ways to engage your students through group work such as flipping the classroom and other non-traditional techniques.


Saturday March 2nd, 2013 – Woodbridge Adjunct Faculty Conference

The premier adjunct professional development event.  The programming will run from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and will feature the most popular topics of training:  Blackboard beginning and Advanced, Human Resources presentation on how to earn permanent positions, and syllabus evaluation and collaboration.


Wednesday, April 3rd  –  Freshmen to  Seniors: Teaching NOVA’s age range

It can be challenging to deliver the same message to someone who is 18 years old and 80 years old, although many adjuncts must do so every day!  Come to this training to find out how you can be sure that everyone in your class, regardless of age, has a fair opportunity at learning.


Tuesday, June 4th – Human Resources Presentation: Moving up the career ladder

The Adjunct Faculty Council will welcome the NOVA Woodbridge Human Resources representative on Tuesday June 4th. Come and learn about the process of getting a promotion as an adjunct, getting hired full time, or using your position as an adjunct to enhance your status in your full-time position.


Thursday, August 1st – Instruction Design: Resources and Learning

Want professional guidance on how to design your course?  Do the timelines always fall exactly where you expect them to?  This program is designed to give you ideas about course design that maximizes your students ability to demonstrate their learning.


Wednesday, Oct. 2nd – Dealing with learning disabilities

Student with varying sets of abilities walk through NOVA’s doors every day.  Have you ever wondered what to do when you have a set of learning disability accommodations handed to you?  Have you ever been told that a student learns differently, yet their disability is not documented?  This program is designed to help you know what to do when you are teaching students with learning disabilities.


 Tuesday, Dec. 3rd – Emergency Preparedness: How to protect yourself

Do you know that every classroom has a panic button?  Do you know how to make sure that you and your students know what to do in the case of an emergency?  This program is valuable training that everyone can use to bring peace of mind and a game plan to every class session.

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Stimulating questions to help students plan

Here are a few questions that you can set up five minute discussions in your classes in the few days running up to Advising Day on Tuesday October 16th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.  Even if you do not get the chance to ask these questions in the next week or so, they are great transition questions when you may want students to do something different or get to thinking in a unique way.  Do you have any questions that are like this that you like to ask of your students?   


  1. Which NOVA classes transfer to four year colleges?
  2. What are the processes that need to be taken in order to graduate?
  3. How do students get an academic advisor?
  4. Which elective are the most useful for your major.
  5. What jobs do students with your major be most likely to qualify for?
  6. Which Virginia public College is best for each student’s major (does that school have a guaranteed admissions agreement?)
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Ground Breaking Adjunct Wednesday rogramming October 17th, 2012

Have you ever wanted to know some quick and fast ways to get your students to concentrate on your lecture?  Have you ever wanted to know how to best take advantage of your seating or standing position?  Do you ever wonder if you should move around the classroom?  Have you ever had a moment of concern about how well (or not so well) you have been able to instruct? 

Every educator has wondered about these themes at one time or another and Therese Aylward, a NOVA President’s Sabbatical winner will be presenting to the Adjunct Faculty on these topics and more!  Please RSVP for, and come to Adjunct Wednesday on October 17th, 2012 in room 409, to receive award winning pointers on classroom management and Dramatic techniques that you can use in the classroom to get results and make the job of instruction easier. 

Here is a video recording of Professor Aylwards presentation:

This is just the first great event that has been organized by the Adjunct Faculty Council, November is shaping up very well, please let us know what other types of training you would like to see that would benefit you or make your job easier.

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Floor warden training

Adjunct faculty members:

Colleges and universities all over the country are making sure that their faculties are prepared for the emergencies and threats that present themselves to their respective institutions.  To that end NOVA Woodbridge is searching for faculty members, both adjunct and full time to volunteer to participate in floor warden training. 

From a personal point of view it is usually a great idea to know how to save yourself and your students in the event of an emergency.  From a college point of view the more personelle that is prepared for an emergency (especially at night) the better off the entire community is.  Finally, from career point of view, this is a transferrable skill that can help a job seeker gain him/herself greater attention and/or value when the time comes to be evaluated as a full time faculty person. 

 Below are the responsibilities of a floor warden according to the NOVA website.  The training will be happening in late October for the Woodbridge campus.  Please comment on whether you would be interested in floor warden training, if the times that are presented are not logistaically possible for you, The Adjunct Faculty Council can get the training at a time that will work for as many adjuncts as possible. 

Please strongly consider volunteering as a floor warden, if you have questions, please post them and start a conversation.

Floor Wardens are responsible for:

Assisting in the evacuation of his/her assigned floor.

Checking to assure that all occupants are safely out off the building floor or have reported to the Shelter-in-Place area.

Meeting with the Building Warden after the evacuation to inform him/her that the floor has been safely evacuated.

Assuring that no one reenters the building or leaves the safe shelter area before the all-clear signal is given. The Floor Wardens will also assist the campus police in keeping occupants at a safe distance during an evacuation.

Assuring that a substitute Floor Warden is chosen to act during the absence of the assigned Floor Warden.


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2012 Adjunct Convocation Survey

NOVA Woodbridge adjunct faculty members:

The adjunct faculty convocation held on Monday, August 20th was a formidable event.  The energy, enthusiasm, and participation that was demonstrated throughout the evening was unparalleled.  Despite the fact that much information was packed into the nights events, we know that there are still areas of knowledge that we missed!  It is important for the NOVA Woodbridge leadership to know how well we are doing with our programming and how we can improve the programming effectiveness.  Please fill out the Adjunct faculty convocation evaluation form attached to this link ( tell us how to improve on your behalf.


Best wishes,

Lawrence Nightingale M. Ed.

Evening and Weekend Coordinator

Northern Virginia Community College – Woodbridge Campus


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Fall 2012 CETL Update

ere’s some things to expect from CETL throughout the semester – watch for the emails!


Faculty Focus Seminars

Teaching Squares program coming to your campus

Teaching Consultations and any other one on one mentoring you might want

Super Prof

Monday Movies (fourth Monday)


CETL has a library of pedagogy titles for you as well!  Please stop by the CETL Center or check out our link to GoodReads on the CETL Blog!

We’ll send you anything you wish through intercampus mail.


And for quick links to pertinent teaching links, be sure to follow CETL on Twitter!


*Your campus CETL faculty Associates are the face of CETL on YOUR campus – they can answer questions, consult with you, help you in any way you wish!


Alexandria:                Samantha Whalen and Amy Harding
Annandale:                Alicia de la Torres Falzon and Cynthia Rathjen

Loudoun:                    Barbara Crain and Steve Clarke

Manassas:                  Dahlia Henry-Tett
Medical Education:  Patty Ottavio
Woodbridge:              Frank Ferrara


Feel free to contact them at any time!


Cindy Miller
Interim Coordinator
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor, Biology
Northern Virginia Community College

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Syllabi Resources

Hey everyone,

I know that most of you have already prepared your syllabi for the semester, but I wanted to draw your attention to 3 helpful resources. The first one is a link to past/archived syllabi. You can look at syllabi from any class. Even though the syllabi are somewhat dated, I still find this to be useful.

The other one is a syllabus checklist, which comes from the faculty handbook (and adjunct faculty handbook). This is a checklist of important items that are good to have on your syllabi.

Course Syllabus: The course syllabus must be consistent with the course content summary. Each syllabus must contain the following:
a.  Course number and title.
b. Instructor’s name, college phone number, e-mail address, and office hours.
c.  Objectives that students are expected to achieve upon successful completion of the course. These must be consistent with the objectives in the course content summary.
d.  Prerequisites and level of preparation expected to succeed in course.
e.  Description of how the course is going to be conducted (this is typically a proposed schedule of class meetings). Topics must be consistent with those described in the course content summary.
f.  Student responsibilities, including required textbook(s), assignments, and other requirements of the course.
g. Statement of how grades will be determined.
h.  Attendance policies (see Section 4.300).

The last thing is a link to the course content summaries for each course offered at NOVA. Even though these files are PDFs, I usually re-type these word for word and include them in my syllabi. It gives students an idea of what the course is like, what topics will be covered, etc.

Stacey Alwine

Assistant Dean of English

Assistant Professor


NVCC, Woodbridge Campus


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What to do in an Emergency Video (Fall 2012)

Rolando Garcia sent around the email below, which  has a link enclosed  to a video to show our students on how to respond in emergency situations.

As a follow up to yesterday’s faculty request for the link to the College Safety Video, I am happy to share the following link:


We encourage you to share the video with your class at the start of the term and if you have any questions on college safety to please contact Tom Mayhew our District Emergency Management Coordinator for the Woodbridge and Alexandria campuses at 703.878.4641. Thank you for your time and consideration in attending Convocation. Have a great and safe semester!



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2012 List of Advising Resources (Woodbridge Campus)

When students ask questions that you can’t answer…refer them to someone who can!

Student Mental Health:

CareTeam, Dean Michael Turner

Transferring to Another School:

Doug Rhoney

International Student Issues:

Silva Arias de Chavez

Military Student Issues: 

Diane Malone

Career Services:

Dennis Sullivan

Disability Services:

Pam Manuel

Student Life:

Tank McCarl

Paying for College:

Campus Business Office

Financial Aid:

Shirley Delgado

Internships B&SS Division:

Dee Simmons, Business

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Call for Action!

The AFC needs your help! Please take some time to look over our objectives on the About Us page.

If you are interested in helping with AFC objectives, then please leave  in the comment section below the following information: 

1. Your name

2. Your email address

3. Which objective you would like to assist with, and when and what you’d like to do.

Got it? Good! Let’s rock the semester people!

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