How to print a classic quiz from Canvas

Use the browser print function:

  1. Open Quizzes. Click Quizzes from your Course Navigation.
  2. Select Quiz. Click the name of your quiz.
  3. Preview. Click the Preview button in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Browser Print Function. Using your browser’s print function, find and select Print.

Use Respondus to print:

The resource coming from:

Click to access print-canvas-tests-using-respondus.pdf

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How to Delete or Download Zoom Cloud Recordings

The Zoom recording cloud storage is at capacity. IT Help Desk sent out the urgent email to ask Faculty and staff delete unnecessary recordings to free the space.

The following  PDF is a quick tutorial on how to delete recordings or download the recordings from Zoom cloud recordings webpage, and the tutorial links on uploading video to YouTube or Google Drive.

Zoom Recording Download (PDF)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.


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Publish Zoom Recordings in Canvas

A new security feature for Zoom Cloud Recordings in Canvas was recently deployed. Recordings must be published for students to be able to access them. You can do this by selecting the Publish button next to the Zoom recording. If a recording is not published, students will not be able to access it. There is no default setting to turn the publishing feature on; it must be manually enabled by the instructor per recording.

source from NOVA Daily Flyer

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Add a signature into your Outlook

Here’s the steps on how to add a signature into your web-based Outlook:

  1. Sign in to your Outlook web app.
  2. Click on the gear icon Outlook 365 settings gear icon for Outlook Settings in the top right of the screen > Scroll down the settings menu that opens on the right > Click on “View all Outlook settings
  1. Select “Compose and reply” from the left sidebar.
  2. Under “Email signature”, create and edit your signature using the in-app editor.
  3. Go to copy and paste the example in this webpage, and modify it with your own information.
  1. To set your signature to appear automatically make sure that the 2 default signature checkboxes for “new messages” and for “forward or reply” are checked (Outlook should check them as default option).
  2. Click “Save”. You’re all set up.
  3. You can go back and change your signature at any time.
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Cross-listing in Canvas

Canvas support team has created a very detailed tutorials on the Cross-listing feature in Canvas. You should check it out if you are teaching multiple sections at the same time.

Here is the link to the tutorial:

The video tutorial:

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Google Slides Automatic Captioning

When you present slides, you can turn on automatic captions to display the speaker’s words in real time.

This feature is available on Chrome devices in U.S. English.

Google Slides Closed Captioning

Google Slides Closed Captioning

Here’s the video recording tutorial for your convenience.

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About Zoom Recording Layout


For some reason, my Zoom sessions record only the shared screen and not myself or the students. Is there any way to record the shared screen and myself (or students) within the same frame?


Please go to your MyNOVA > Zoom tile > Settings, click settings in the menu list, and under Recording tab, check the setting for the cloud recording.  Make sure you  have Record Active speaker with shared screen checked.

If you share your screen with the active speaker thumbnail, the recording will display the active speaker thumbnail in the top-right corner. If you drag the active speaker thumbnail to another location during the meeting, the recording will still display it in the top-right corner.

If you share your screen without the active speaker thumbnail or disabled the Record thumbnails while sharing option in your cloud recording settings, the recording will only display the shared screen.

Zoom Recording Setting

Zoom Recording Setting

Source from: 

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Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor

This site is a great resources including frequently asked questions, reminders about creating a practice quiz, and details on how to get technical assistance.

Rapid Rollout – Instructors

More resources:

Respondus Monitor resources:

LockDown Browser resources:

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Embedding an Instagram Post into Canvas

Question: I’ve been trying to embed my Instagram into a canvas announcement, how can I do it?

Answer:  Go to the Instagram post, and look at the URL. It will have a /p/ followed by a series of letters followed by another /. Copy that code.

For example: Instagram provided this embed code  <p>//</p>”

The code we need is B7Teyy5Ik5S from the above URL link.

Then go back to Canvas, open the Rich Content Editor, click </> icon on the right bottom corner, which switches to the HTML mode.

And paste it like this:  <p>//</p>

Example of Instagram Embedding Code

Example of Instagram Embedding Code

The Instagram image can be successfully embedded into Canvas.


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