VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool with video, voice and text commenting in Blackboard. Here are some VoiceThread workshop recordings to help you get familiar with the tool.

·         VoiceThread Basics 1- upload, comment and share (Video)

·         VoiceThread Basics 2- Groups and secure sharing (Video)

·         VoiceThread Basics 3- Moderating comments, private and threaded replies, and copying (Video)

·         VoiceThread Basics 4- VoiceThread and your LMS (Video)

·         VoiceThread Mobile (Video)

·         Beat the Next Snow Day with VoiceThread (Video)

·         How to create VoiceThread assignment in Blackboard (for instructor) (Web)

·         How to submit VoiceThread assignment in Blackboard (for students) (Web)

You can also find posts from other educators who use VoiceThread with their classes in this blog site: https://voicethread.com/blog/

If you prefer in person training or training for your students, please feel free to contact me to set up time.

Hope you find this information is helpful!

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