Adding Narration to Your Existing PowerPoint (Campus Closing Support)

For those faculty who prefer to using your existing PowerPoint slides and want to add some narration, this PDF file will show you how to do that quickly in PowerPoint.

Add Narration to Your Existing PowerPoint PDF file created by ISS

If you couldn’t find Record tab, you can create your own. Here’re steps:

  1. If yes, Open your PPT file, go to File > Option > Customize Ribbon. On the right column under Main Tab, choose one of item called “New Tab (Custom)” and rename it as “Record”.
  2. Select this tab and click “New Group” button at the bottom and give the name such as “Recording”.
  3. Look at the left column “Choose commands from” section, Change the “Popular Commands” to “All Commands” so you will be able to see some recording options: Record Audio, Record Slide Show, Start Recording from Beginning, Start Recording from Current Slides.
  4. Choose each of them click “Add>” button in the middle to move to the new group you just created in step 2.  You do need to select that group before you move the commands.
  5. by the end, you should be able to create your own Record tab with those commands.
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