Continuity of Instruction at the Challenging Time (Campus Closing Support)

In responding to our campus emergency closing, here are some strategies to continue your teaching and communicate with your students, even without meeting them in person!

  1. Dr. Julie Quinn has sent a GREAT video tutorial for using Blackboard Announcement to communicate with your student! Please do check it out!
    Recorded with
  2. Upload course content into Blackboard system so students could access your PPT slides, reading materials, videos or web content. Here’s the tutorial to check out:
  3. Use Discussion Board to replace the classroom discussion and Q&A session to engage students. This is asynchronous communication, so students could take time to ponder before they post their ideas. You may see more thoughtful conversations play out. Here’s the tutorial for using Discussion Board:
  4. Create Blackboard Assignment for students to submit their digital assignment. Here’s the tutorial you can check out:;
  5. You can send this tutorial to your students on how to Submit Assignment in Blackboard:
    Where do I find my assignments? Doesn’t seem familiar? Jump to the “Ultra” help about accessing assignments. Your instructor can add assignments to different areas of …
  6. Dr. Julie Quinn’s video shows you how to Send Email to your whole class. Please do check that out for your convenience!
  7. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra or Google Hangouts to conduct virtual Office Hours, Q&A session or advising session. Be aware, this synchronous communication will require participants log into virtual room at the same time. Some students might not be able to do so, and instructor could offer as optional communication approach, and record the session to share with students who could attend, as needed.  Check out tutorial for moderator:
  8. You can share this tutorial for students to participate in the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:
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