Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to Host Office Hour (Campus Closing Support)

You might wonder whether you could host a virtual office hour with your students as needed.  Here’re the tutorial on using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra  to conduct virtual Office Hours, Q&A session or advising session.

Be aware, this synchronous communication will require participants log into virtual room at the same time. You do need communicate well with your students about the meeting time and the link for virtual classroom. Also, some students might not be able to attend the virtual classroom due to limited resources. Instructor could offer it as optional communication approach, and record the session to share with students who couldn’t attend.


Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to Host Virtual Office Hours PDF file for instructor

Join Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Virtual Classroom PDF file for students on how to join the virtual classroom.

How to retrieve the recordings? 

Recordings are saved on the same page you joined your session from.

Have you created a link to the Ultra page? If yes, students can use that link to the page you started creating session, and on the left near top corner, there’s three lines icon, click it and you should be able to see a hidden menu with session and recordings title there. Click the recordings, the one your recorded should list there.

If you didn’t create a link at the beginning, you can go to the Ultra landing page and click that three lines icon to switch to recordings page. Once you see your recording, there’s three dots inside a circle icon for that recording, there’s a shared link that you can use.

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