Updates & Tutorials on Set up Grade Center in Bb (Campus Closing Support)

Dear Colleagues,

ISS has been relocated to Library WAS 230R and 230Q. There’re a couple of laptops here that you can use. Please feel free to stop by for the office space as needed.

Also, we have some iPads for faculty rolling into classroom use. Please contact me, if you need them for your teaching.

The library has a courtesy charging station for your laptop, please see the attached image. It’s located at the back of the library area. Please check with circulation desk staff for assistance.

This email also services as a tutorial for faculty to set up your Grade Center in Blackboard, so you can put all the grades online and students can track their progress. Please check out the attached PDF file for the step by step instruction.

Adding Columns to the Grade Center: There’re two ways to create columns to record the grades in Grade center: One is to use the “Create Column” option in the tool bar so you can manually enter the grades (such as exams or essays). another ways is certain types of assessments in Blackboard will automatically create their own columns in the Grade Center for you. These are: tests and quizzes created through the Test or Survey Manager; Discussion Board forums or threads (if you pick the Graded option); blogs, journals and wikis (if the grading option is selected); and Assignment or SafeAssign content types.

Weighted Total vs. Total: the two columns are created by default in every Blackboard shell. The Total column shows the number of points attained out of the total possible. The Weighted Total shows the current total as determined by the weighting scheme set in the Edit Column Informationpage. If you set up a Weighted Total, then it does not matter how many total points there are possible in the course assignments; there could be 100 points total, or 350, or 1175 for all the assignments. The final grade will be calculated proportionately according to the weighting scheme.

Calculate as Running Total: the default option is “Yes,” which means that the grade is determined based on items graded, not on all items possible. This gives a more accurate sense of where a student is at any point in the semester.

Setting up Weighted Total, you need to:

  1. Create categories;
  2. Based on your weighting scheme, set up weighted total with categories/columns; and
  3. Assign grade columns to the categories.

In this way, Blackboard system will automatically calculate the total and weighted total for you during the semester.  You can also use this approach to calculate the attendance and more.

Reference: https://www.hamilton.edu/documents/Weighting_Grades_in_Blackboard.pdf

Set up Weighted Total by Categories PDF file

Laptop Charging Station in Library
Laptop Charging Station in LIbrary

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