Video Editing Tools

YouTube enhancements features

Trimming the length of a video, adding interactive end screens, blurring faces and objects, and applying color filters are part of the YouTube enhancements features. You can finish it within YouTube.

iMovie & Story Mix

iOS and MacOS users have access to iMovie for free. This tool can be used on iPads or Macs.

Windows users can still use Windows Movie Maker, even on Windows 10 computers. Also later this year Microsoft will release a new tool called Story Mix, which is the replacement of Movie Maker.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is free to use. It allows you record narration on a scene-by-scene basis after uploading images and videos.  Working with Green Screen by Do Ink app, you could create a professional product.

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April Workshop Schedule

April Workshops offered by ISS. Please register at:

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New Link

We have added one new blog link on the sidebar from Leadership Colloquium at UMW, A center for fostering the connectivity of professional women who share best business practices, real-life lessons and comic relief.

Here’s their website you’re more than welcome to find lots of information.

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FindTime with MS Outlook

A new feature called FindTime has been added into Microsoft Outlook to make scheduling with your colleagues much easier.

The following screenshots showing you how to access FindTime are from In this site, you can use “Install for Free” to install the add-on. Once it’s done, restart your Outlook and you will find it in your application.

For Outlook 2013 Users: 

For Outlook 2016 Users:

For Outlook on the Web Users:

For Outlook for Mac Users:

If you need some assistance to install and use this add-on, please feel free to contact us.

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VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool with video, voice and text commenting in Blackboard. Here are some VoiceThread workshop recordings to help you get familiar with the tool.

·         VoiceThread Basics 1- upload, comment and share (Video)

·         VoiceThread Basics 2- Groups and secure sharing (Video)

·         VoiceThread Basics 3- Moderating comments, private and threaded replies, and copying (Video)

·         VoiceThread Basics 4- VoiceThread and your LMS (Video)

·         VoiceThread Mobile (Video)

·         Beat the Next Snow Day with VoiceThread (Video)

·         How to create VoiceThread assignment in Blackboard (for instructor) (Web)

·         How to submit VoiceThread assignment in Blackboard (for students) (Web)

You can also find posts from other educators who use VoiceThread with their classes in this blog site:

If you prefer in person training or training for your students, please feel free to contact me to set up time.

Hope you find this information is helpful!

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Apple Day

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Upcoming VoiceThread Trainings

Are you ready for the winter blizzard? How to keep the continuity of instruction with inclement weather? If you are wondering, here is a good training for you.

Beat the Next Snow Day with VoiceThread

When: December 6, 2016 7:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Have you already had your first snow day? There will be more snow days to come, but you don’t have to lose a full day of instruction. VoiceThread lets you be there even when you’re not. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create asynchronous conversations around course content so students can continue to learn and grow even when schools are closed.

Register here 

VoiceThread also offers several basic training for faculty and student to get familiar with this handy tool that embeds multimedia into the discussion. Please check them out at:

If you prefer to meeting with our instructional support specialist in person, please contact us and we can arrange one-on-one training session with you.

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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Use at NOVA

Blackboard published one case study article in their newsletter to introduce how NOVA Woodbridge campus faculty integrate Blackboard Collaborate Ultra into their teaching and faculty professional development training.

Read the article here: collaborate-case-study-northern-virginia-community-college

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a powerful communication tool in Blackboard system that can be used for conducting synchronous communication for online teaching and/or pre-recording the lecture capture.

If you are interested in using this technology, please feel free to contact us for one-on-one consultation.

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What’s New in Office 2016

Office 2016 has been installed in some of campus computers.  The training session for “What’s new in Office 2016?” will be offered through ISS.

The covered features are:

  • Improved dark theme and ribbon tab text
  • Smart Lookup, or insights from Bing
  • Tell me – natural language query
  • Quick shape formatting
  • Real-time document collaboration
  • Improved Backstage
  • Convert handwritten equations to text
  • Modern attachments in Outlook

Please contact us for the training and handouts.

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Free Data Visualization Tools

Based on the definitive guide on how to choose a more appropriate data visualization tool, Vikas Lalwani recommended 13 free data visualization tools in the Six Revisions blog. It worth reading if you want to make your data more user-friendly and attractive.

The tools listed in the article are:

Read the 13 free data visualization tools to learn more details.

Data visualization is one of our goals for the new academic year.

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