Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to learn more about the OCL workshop

The OCL offers free workshops for all NOVA students. The workshops are one-on-one. Please check the Workshops Calendar for available workshop times. Please view our workshops page for more details and to view the workshop catalog.

Who can use the computer lab?

  • All NOVA students, faculty and staff with active class enrollments or working status.
  • NOVA Alumni who don’t have an active account won’t be able to log on to computers.
  • Students who want to submit their admission application online.

How do I log in to the lab computers?

You can log in to the lab computers with your myNOVA account username and password.
To sign in to the Macs, please enter directory\ before your username. (ex. directory\aa1234)

How do I print?

In order to print at the OCL, students are required to use their NOVA ID card or a Guest Card ( which can be purchased at the OCL/library using the CSVT machine).
Printing cost is $.12/page ($.18 double sided) for black and white printer and $.30/page ($.40 double sided) for color printer.
How to Print with the FastPrint System

Can I scan in the Open Computer Lab?

Yes, the OCL has a scanner available for student use. Please ask one of our knowledgeable lab assistants for assistance.

Can I fax at the OCL?

Unfortunately, the OCL does not have a fax machine at this time.

Can the Lab Assistant help me with my project?

Lab personnel can help students with technical problems related to equipment or programs, but not with school assignments. Students may need to contact their professor or the Tutoring Center for further instructions.

What software do the lab computers have?

Please check the OCL Software List for available software installed in the OCL.

I cannot find the software that I am looking for at the lab computers.

If the software that you are looking for is not installed at the OCL, please have your instructor fill out the software request form to request the software to be installed on the lab computers.

Can I download/install software on the lab computers?

Students are not allowed to download/install any software on the lab computers. If it is a software required for your class, please have your instructor fill out the software request form to request the software to be installed on the lab computers.

Should I bring my own data storage media?

Yes. We strongly recommend that students save their work on their own storage media or attach the files to their email. Users are strongly advised not to save any files to the lab computers since all stored files are deleted from the lab computers on a regular bases.

Are there other labs on campus?

There is only one open computer lab at the Woodbridge Campus. However, there are computers for students to use in the WS old cafeteria and at the WAS library.

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