Spring Update

The Woodbridge Arts & Sciences building is nearing completion and the students, faculty and staff are excited to starting using the new facilities. Fall classes have been scheduled in the building, and plans are in place to complete the preparation in time for start of the Fall 2013 semester on August 21st. Many areasĀ  including the Natural Science & Mathematics division, and the library will be moving into the new building. The library has taken this opportunity to review the collection and modernize much of the content.

Here are some updated photos of the building:

Exterior View

Construction crews work on the outside of the building.


Interior view of the entrance to the building.



Finished hallway


Tiered Classroom

The tiered classroom nearing completion.


Hallway/Student Space

This hallway will have furniture that will make up a nice student study space.


Science Lab

One of the science labs nearing completion.


Library Circulation Desk

Library Circulation Desk



First Floor Cafeteria food line area



Constructions crews are currently working on a bridge that will connect the WAS building and the existing Seefeldt building. Pictures coming soon…




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