December Update

The constructions crews have been making a lot progress despite the rainy weather we have been having. They are currently pouring and forming the footers. They are also working on some of the environmental features that make the structure Silver LEED including drilling the geothermal well field.

We also have a newly updated master plan for our campus.

Updated Master Plan


Pictures courtesy of the Facilities Department.

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Time to Get Rid of the Dirt

The construction crews are working on dirt removal as well as the sewer lines. If you would like to see the construction in action,  stop by the provost conference room and take a look out the windows.

Photos courtesy of the Facilities Department.

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Getting Started

Last week, construction crews began work on the Phase 3 construction site and finally broke ground! Work has been done to prep the site by removing the trees and top soil as well as  installing erosion and sediment control measures.  The WT trailer behind the Seefeldt building has been demoed and the  gazebo will be relocated closer to the lake.

Here is the architectural drawing of the building:




Here are pictures of the work that has been done on the building site:Initial clearing of the site


Trailer demo


Phase 3  with gazebo


Phase 3 top soil


Pictures courtesy of the Facilities Department.


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Construction Pictures


















Pictures courtesy of the Facilities Department.


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Construction Paths Update

Below is an aerial image of the construction site detailing the paths to the tennis court, emergency evacuation routes, and the pathway to the photography building. The construction fences were recently closed so please take note of the new paths and let us know if you have any questions.

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Welcome to the Woodbridge Campus Construction Blog!

Woodbridge Master Plan

Woodbridge Master Plan

Welcome to the Woodbridge Campus Construction Blog! The image above shows the entire plan for the Woodbridge campus through phase six.

This blog is designed to keep the Woodbridge campus community updated on the construction progress of the Phase 3 academic building.

Master Plan with Phase 3 Label

The new building will have three  floors with approximately 87,000 square feet.  Several environmental and sustainable features are incorporated into the building and will include a geo-thermal mechanical heating and cooling system, green roof, tempered glass, and environmentally-friendly flooring.  These are some of the features that will qualify the building for LEED silver certification. The building will house new science labs, a Black Box theatre, library, and a new photography studio.

Just a few items for your information:

1. Please note that construction traffic will be coming on campus from the south entrance. Signs have been posted so the construction traffic should not impact traffic using the north entrance.

2. Currently students will take the normal pathway to the Photography building through the fencing. As soon as a gravel path is put in place the students will have to take a altered path to the Photography building since the construction fencing will be blocking the pathway.

3. Take a look at your emergency exit routes to see if the fencing will change the way you would need to exit the building in the event of an emergency. Contact Kimberly Nagel at if you have any questions or concerns.

Construction on the building will start in October.

Currently work is being done on the Facility/ Buildings and Grounds new 10,000 sq ft building.  The pictures below show the progress that’s been made.

Construction Entrance with Tractor


Construction Entrance


Tractor Clearing Trees


Construction Work






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