Provost’s Spring 2012 Convocation Presentation



The Spring 2012 Campus Convocation was held at the Harbourview Event Center, which is located along the Occoquan River between Route 1 and I-95.  Our Service Excellence Initiative was the Convocation theme/focus.  Faculty had the opportunity to participate training similar to what has been provided to all of the other areas of the campus by Moran Consulting.  Although the faculty training was similar to what all other campus units received, this session focused on service excellence skills, techniques and strategies for serving students outside of the classroom.  I sensed that the participants found the training useful, engaging and an excellent team-building opportunity.

Service Excellence is a campus wide initiative for Woodbridge.  We are pilotting this initiative for the other campuses.  Mark Bumgardner is the person responsible leading this initiative for the Campus.  In this capacity, he coordinates all of the training, provides direction and oversight to the initiative, and works closely with Moran Consulting.  He also advises the other campuses as they prepare for thier implementation.   Please join me in thanking Mark for his leadership and commitment to this important initiative for Woodbridge and NOVA. 

The following slides were used in my presentation at Convocation.


This slide is an image of the completed Phase 3 building.  The following slide shows construction as of the week of December 20th.  Phase 3 is scheduled to be completed in May of 2013, with move-in occurring that summer, and classes offered in the fall of  2013.

Following is a slide of the construction of additional retail space at the Stonebridge Town Center (near Wegman’s).  This is one of the slides shared with the VCCS Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, and the Budget Director who were on campus in December for an update on Phase 3 and to learn more about the proposed Workforce Development Center.  These slides are courtesy of the developer of  Stonebridge Town Center (Roadside Developers).  I wanted the VCCS staff to see the business development occuring in the immediate area near campus, as a way to help them understand the need for the Workforce Development Center.  The president of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce and two other business leaders particpated in this meeting with the VCCS staff.  They shared their support for a Workforce Development Center (WDC).  Images of the WDC were shared with the VCCS staff.  These slides follow.   The VCCS staff were impressed with the business leaders support and with the WDC design.  

These are the businesses that will occupy the retail space under construction.

A new stadium for the Potomac Nationals (the PW farm team for the Washington Nationals) is proposed for Stonebridge Town Center.  This stadium, a hotel, an office buidling and a parking garage will located in the wooded area between Wegman’s/the retail area under construction, and Optiz Blvd.

The following slide is the plan for the development that will be built on the property along Neabsco Mills Rd., between the Campus and Dale Blvd.  The developer plans to start the widening of Neabsco Mills Rd. to six lanes in June.


Note the two parking garages (GP) in the master plan.  The GP closes to the main entrance to campus will be built first to provide much needed additional parking and to replace parking lost to the WDC.

The next nine slides pertain to the WDC.  

These are the members of the group that served in an advisory role to assist the architects understand the need, purpose and desired design for the WDC.   The following slide captures the business leaders’ and the College’s vision for the WDC.


This slide is an image of the WDC as you approach campus from Dale Blvd.

An image of the WDC as you leave campus.

An ariel view of the main entrance to the WDC.


Ground-level view of the main entrance to the WDC.   The next four slides are examples of some of the spaces planned for the WDC.  Classrooms, computer labs (including a lab for Cyber Security training), and a large multi-function area that can be sub-divided are planned for the WDC.



The following slide provides data on our enrollment. We (Woodbridge) did not reach our enrollment target for Fall 2011.  As of January 6th, we were 1.2% ahead compared to spring 2011, but 15.8% away from our spring 2012 target.

I gave an overview of  the relationship between NOVA’s budget planning and enrollment.  Enrollment drives our budget.  The executed operating budget is based on a modest increase in enrollment.  A second level of budget  expenditure developed based on the College reaching its enrollment target.  This second expenditure level is approved only if the enrollment targets are reached.  This approval normally occurs early in the spring semester.    During the initial budget development process, the Admin Council establishes priorities, including positions, initiatives and projects to fund with the additional revenue generated by achieving enrollment targets.  Because it doesn’t appear like the enrollment target for the  College will be reached this year, an adjustment in second expenditure level will be nescessary.  These adjustments will not effect the approved division budgets or current/approved positions.  However, the anticipated positions and priorities established for funding pending meeting enrollment target will be effected.  An example of how the Woodbridge Campus may be effected by not reaching enrollment target is a reduction in the number of new faculty positions we might recieve for the 2012-13 academic year.  Currently, we have 9 new faculty positions alllocated for 2012-13.  This number could be adjusted downward.  Also, the mid-year funds we get usually get for campus improvements, travel, projects, etc., may be reduced or not available.



The next two slides are updates on the Quality Enhancement Plan for NOVA and the recent SACS Reaffirmation visit.  The SACS team was impressed with our QEP, and the review our SACS compliance went very well.

We need office space for the five specialist who will support the QEP initiative.  Room 206 is been renovated into office space for these specialists and the two Pathway to the Baccalaureate counselors.  The next slide is a drawing of the 206 renovation.  I want to thank the Math faculty for giving up this room.  We  were able to find classrooms to accomodate the classes assigned to 206.  Room 230A is being converted back to a classroom.  This room is behind the Geology classroom/lab, and had been used for storage because the only access to it was through the Geology classroom/lab.  An entrance to 230A off of main second floor hallway is being added.  I want thank the Workforce Development staff for giving up some of their work space for this entrance to 230A.


The Provost Staff would like to start formally recognizing faculty and staff for recent achievements and accomplishments.  The following slide lists those individuals.  Following this slide, is a summary of thier accomplishments.

Nauri Ahmed completed an MBA from American Sentinel University.

Bob Bausch recently published two novels: In The Fall They Come Back and The Legend of Jesse Smoke. He also finished a new novel, As Far As The Eye Can See, his first western.

He has also been engaged to rewrite a script of his novel, A Hole In The Earth, for Kaufmann films.

Cathleen Behan completed her PhD coursework in Education Policy at George Mason University this Fall semester. She has also participated in an Assessment Internship at NOVA with Dr. Jennifer Roberts.

She has also participated in many committees including Business Cluster Chair 2010-2013, Student Learning Outcome Lead Faculty for Business Administration and Business Management degree programs, Student Learning Outcome Faculty Liaison and volunteered to be the Chair, of the Board of Directors, Fauquier Community Child Care Inc.

Mark D’Antonio successfully completed a graduate course in accounting and is now eligible to teach the discipline. He is currently working on a Master’s in Materiel Acquisition Management at the Florida Institute of Technology. He also participated in the Taxwise program as the site coordinator for 2010-2011.

Mark recently published “Affirmative Reaction”© in the The Business Journal of Hispanic Research 2011, Vol. 5, No. 1, 86-97 with Dee Simmons. He also published an article with his son, “Students’ Preferences for Cooperative Learning Instructional Approaches: Considerations for College Teachers.”  Journal of Research in Education, 21, 114-126.

Bev Drucker presented at Perspectives on Course Redesign in Raleigh, NC (9/30/11), the 6th Annual Hoosier Math Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana (10/1/11), VYMATC Eastern held at TNCC (10/21/11), the Achieving the Dream Forum (10/28/11). She also hosted and presented to the University of Maryland (10/11/11), Ivy Tech from Indiana (10/20/11), and to the Center on Education and the Workforce from Georgetown (Tony Carnevale)

She assisted in training MTH 1 faculty in Annandale (8/17/11).

Carmen Figueroa was selected to participate in the National Endowment of the Humanities 2011 Summer Institute Revisioning the Maya: New Directions in Scholarship and Teaching On-Site in Mexico Guatemala and Belize.

Rosemary Gallick was a guest Speaker at Manassas Art Guild on “Rendering Pop Art Icons” and was interviewed by ELAN magazine about her artwork and experiences.

She was a guest lecturer at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado as part of her solo exhibition there. She also had solo art exhibitions last spring on campus for Black History month and Women’s History month.

Nasim Khawaja was the 2011/2012 recipient of the prestigious VCCS Chancellor’s Faculty Fellowship.

Teresa Overton presented and help with training at Miami Dade (8/12/11-8/13/11), and presented at TNCC (9/7/11), Perspectives on Course Redesign in Raleigh, NC (9/30/11), the 6th Annual Hoosier Math Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana (10/1/11), University of Maryland (10/11/11), Ivy Tech from Indiana (10/20/11), VYMATC Eastern held at TNCC (10/21/11), the Center on Education and the Workforce from Georgetown (Tony Carnevale) (11/1/11), Cumberland Community College (Vineland, NJ) (11/4/11), Jefferson Community and Technical College (Kentucky) (12/9/11).

She also ran and assisted with Training of all MTH 1 Faculty at Annandale Campus (8/17/11) and assisted with Training of faculty at TNCC (12/7/11)

Gail Rebhan had an exhibition of her artwork A Cultural History of My Neighborhood at the American University Museum-Katzen Arts Center. She was interviewed on WAMU’s Metro Connection and articles appeared in the NW Current and in Washington Jewish Week. Her artwork was discussed in a recently published book, The M Word: Real Mothers in Contemporary Art. She was also a guest lecturer at the University of California-Washington Center, Washington, DC.

Lisa Riggleman-Gross completed courses to instruct hula-hoop fitness in hoopchi, zumba Instructor-basic, gold, aqua, toning, and zumbatomic

Ken Shade completed Blackboard certification and is currently working on ELI Certification, Project Management Certification, and a Forensics Program with a one year certificate

Dee Simmons recently published “Affirmative Reaction”© in the The Business Journal of Hispanic Research 2011, Vol. 5, No. 1, 86-97 with Mark D’Antonio.

Lisa Smith was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2011 and also completed a Master of Aeronautical Science degree in August 2011.

Dennis Staszak received the Faculty of the Year Award.  He also completed a certificate in Structured Advising and developed a National Security Career Studies Certificate.  Dennis presented at the NOVA Educational  Board of Directors concerning National Security Career Studies Certificate. He also gave Pro bono Speeches at the FBI Academy to assembled police executives from across the U.S. and the world regarding Law Enforcement Public Relations. He participated as a panel member at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, England, regarding national security issues and the FBI.  He also attended the ADJ Peer Conference. MILO – law enforcement training systems conducted by IES Interactive Training Systems.

He also volunteers with the Honor Flights Organization to meet and greet arriving WW-II veterans arriving in Washington, DC on the Honor Flights and travels to Arlington Cemetery to lay wreaths on the tombs of the soldiers.

Sue Staudt successfully completed a certificate in Structured Advising

Susan G. Thompson spoke on the Scientific Revolution at a meeting of the Lifetime Learning Institute and  Early Reactions to AIDs in America at the Woodbridge Campus AIDS week. She also attended the VCCS Master Teacher Seminars:  “Using Smithsonian Exhibits to Create Connections in Teaching and Learning” and “Education Beyond the Classroom: Exploring the Art and History of Old Town Alexandria”.  She also read for the College Board AP European History.

She also judged at the National History day finals at the University of Maryland and volunteered as support staff at the PUP Conference.

Paula Worthington received the National Science Foundation STARS (Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service) grant for the Information Technology department on the Woodbridge Campus.

Nima Zahadat received a $2500 grant and earned certifications in Photoshop CS5 Essentials, Photoshop CS4 Essentials, Flash Website Development, jQuery, CEH (Security) at 3Soft/Future Visions and attended Cloud Computing training. He also upgraded the ITD 256 curriculum to use SQL Server along with Access, the ITN 171 from using SuSE Linux to Ubuntu, and ITN 208 on Blackboard to use the latest TCP/IP tools as well as ITN 200 and ITN 245 from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008.

He also taught virtualization technologies and Flash Gaming to faculty and staff, and ITD 297 for co-op with Prince William county government. He is also working with an IT Interest Group for IT students at NOVA.


 What a beautiful photo of the fountain in the Campus Lake.  It was taken by Maddie Coradin’s 16 year old daughter, Ariana.   Maddie has a budding photographer.  Maddie is the office manager for the Comunications and Humanities Division.

                Welcome Back !  I wish you have a great semester of service to our students and each other.

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