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Employers Are Looking For These Four Soft Skills

One of NOVA’s Student Success Counselors, Michael Frasnelli, was quoted in a recent article on Virginia’s Community College’s website. Read an excerpt below:

“Ethical hacking, certified nurse aide, arc metal welder. These careers all have technical skills that are attainable through FastForward training. Employers will look at a person’s ability to measure blood pressure or weld cylindrical, tack-welded pieces – but they’re also looking for certain “soft skills” that aren’t necessarily written on your resume.  Continue reading Employers Are Looking For These Four Soft Skills

Student Spotlight: Joshua Bowman

What is your occupation? What are some of your responsibilities?
I am an adjunct instructor at American Culture and Language Institute on the Alexandria campus of the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). I develop and implement lessons to
implement the assigned curriculum. But in a more informal sense, I am a coach, a cheerleader, and a teammate to those who are trying to learn English. Continue reading Student Spotlight: Joshua Bowman