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Student Wins HR Internship

College Central Network (CCN) is a resource offered to NOVA Workforce students to connect them with careers and internship opportunities. Below is a testimonial from Dean Cogdill, a business professor at NOVA, and a student, about their success with CCN:

Dean Cogdill:

“As students seek better jobs while in school, I discovered that bringing college resources into the classroom really pays off! My business students have enjoyed four semesters of presentations with Erika Coddington, from NOVA’s Career Services division of Business Engagement, the department that manages NOVA’s College Central Network. She showed them how to utilize the database, write a better resume and after those appearances, 14 of my students have found steadier employment while in school and enjoying those increased opportunities. Thank you CCN!” Continue reading Student Wins HR Internship

Student Spotlight: Kelsey Myers

What is your occupation? What are some of your responsibilities?
I am an Adult Education Instructor at Lord Fairfax Community College. I teach an ESL class offered through Lord Fairfax’s Adult Education Program. I plan lessons, report attendance,
and conduct pre- and post-testing for assessment. I am also helping to design a curriculum for ESL classes we’re able to offer now through a grant the program received, the Integrated English
Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) grant. Continue reading Student Spotlight: Kelsey Myers

Checking the Facts: The LinkedIn Workforce Report

At NOVA, we frequently hear from educators, businesses, students, and parents about the challenges of providing career advice. The volume of information available about where the jobs are, the skills and education needed, and how to get there is simply overwhelming. So when big-name entities release reports about workforce trends, people pay attention. Unfortunately, if the information provided to the public is inaccurate or incomplete, there could be a very serious, unintended consequence: students and job seekers are advised to stay away from occupations and skills that are in high demand. Continue reading Checking the Facts: The LinkedIn Workforce Report

The Latest in Workforce Student Success

Early in February, approximately 190 students and instructors from NOVA’s American Culture and Language Institute (ACLI) gathered for their Welcome Potluck Luncheon and Academic Award Ceremony.

Students shared and enjoyed food representing a variety of cultures.

One student later wrote, “I was very excited from the first day that I knew there was a party called a Pot Luck. We would share foods from different countries. On that day, I tried almost every dish. They were all perfect.”  Continue reading The Latest in Workforce Student Success

Career Services Classroom Engagement

Erika Coddington, Student Engagement Coordinator at NOVA Workforce, presented to 73 students in Dean Kathleen Cogdill’s Business classes. Erika showed students the features and benefits of the college’s career services database, the College Central Network. The features include podcasts on career development topics (such as resume and interview tips), as well as tools to improve personal branding. Continue reading Career Services Classroom Engagement