Career Services Classroom Engagement

Erika Coddington, Student Engagement Coordinator at NOVA Workforce, presented to 73 students in Dean Kathleen Cogdill’s Business classes. Erika showed students the features and benefits of the college’s career services database, the College Central Network. The features include podcasts on career development topics (such as resume and interview tips), as well as tools to improve personal branding.

Each semester, Dean Cogdill requires her students to submit their resumes through the College Central Network (CCN) resume portal for feedback and approval as a 100-point assignment for her class.

The students asked about what types of questions to expect in interviews. For example, one question might be: “Describe your experience in working with a difficult customer.” Students also asked about how to dress for success, what color business suits are most professional, and about the appropriate timing for salary negotiations.

The students asked questions about career advancement, which demonstrates the eagerness of NOVA students to learn more about how to be successful and increase their marketability for employment.

Students also expressed curiosity and interest in the job and internship opportunities in NOVA’s career services database.

We received the following feedback from Professor Cogdill regarding the presentation and incorporation of College Central Network (CCN) into her class curriculum:

“Our partnership of my classes with CCN has been terrific and six students last semester got jobs with the resumes you worked on with my students.”

We love supporting the career success of NOVA students! For more information about NOVA Workforce Career Services, email:

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