Education and Career Support at Cornerstones

NOVA workforce career counselor, Jennifer Merrill, is leading an information session at Cornerstones to provide customized career insight and support.

Cornerstones is a nonprofit organization that assists clients in gaining self-sufficiency. Cornerstones provides resources including food, shelter, housing, childcare, and other services.

Various clients of the Cornerstones programs will take part in the career session, as an initial step in going to school for a certification or Associate degree at NOVA. Jennifer will help each client understand how to enroll in classes at NOVA, how to apply for financial aid, and receive any other support the clients may need.

The clients will have the opportunity to develop their future career paths and educational goals at the session. Jennifer will offer insight on credit courses, noncredit courses, and the variety of opportunities available at NOVA.

NOVA Workforce is continually looking for ways to support the community through events like this information session at Cornerstones. Career counselors are available for customized support and guidance. For more information, please contact