Employers Are Looking For These Four Soft Skills

One of NOVA’s Student Success Counselors, Michael Frasnelli, was quoted in a recent article on Virginia’s Community College’s website. Read an excerpt below:

“Ethical hacking, certified nurse aide, arc metal welder. These careers all have technical skills that are attainable through FastForward training. Employers will look at a person’s ability to measure blood pressure or weld cylindrical, tack-welded pieces – but they’re also looking for certain “soft skills” that aren’t necessarily written on your resume. 

Soft skills are everyday skills that can be applied to any career. We talked to our FastForward Career Coaches, who connect FastForward trainees and employers across Virginia, and these are the top soft skills Virginia employers look for when making hiring decisions.


An overwhelming majority of our coaches said good communication skills are very important to prospective employers. Michael Frasnelli from Northern Virginia Community College says that good communication begins before your first day on the job. “The very process of setting up an interview and scheduling can be very telling,” he says. “Employers need to feel confident that the person they are hiring can communicate needs in a succinct and meaningful manner.'”

To read the full article, visit the FastForward blog here.