How To Prepare For A Job Fair

If you have ever been to a job fair, you know that it can be an overwhelming experience. Knowing what to expect and preparing beforehand is key to a successful job fair. We have prepared some Job Fair Prep videos to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your next fair.  Topics covered in these short webinars include professional dress, communicating with employers and elevator pitch, preparation tips before and after the fair.

Intro – Before the Fair:
Learn about setting your agenda and goals beforehand in terms of mapping out your networking strategy and timeline.

Part 2 – Professional Dress:
This webinar discusses the do’s and don’ts of professional dress at career networking events and some tips to ensure that your wardrobe selection maximizes your confidence at the fair.

Part 3 – Communication with Employers:
Learn the basics of presenting your elevator pitch professionally and awareness of appropriate non-verbal communication.

Part 4 – After the Fair/Follow Up:
By now, you have gathered a lot of information in your conversations with various employers.  Learn how to consolidate and organize your contacts and follow up methods to ensure that recruiters remember who you are after the event.