Student Spotlight: Kelsey Myers

What is your occupation? What are some of your responsibilities?
I am an Adult Education Instructor at Lord Fairfax Community College. I teach an ESL class offered through Lord Fairfax’s Adult Education Program. I plan lessons, report attendance,
and conduct pre- and post-testing for assessment. I am also helping to design a curriculum for ESL classes we’re able to offer now through a grant the program received, the Integrated English
Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) grant.

What inspired you to choose this field?
I love languages and have always wanted to be a teacher. I started volunteering teaching ESL through a local literacy organization, and I found my students to be the most motivated and earnest learners. I wanted to help equip them with the language tools they need to succeed in America.

How has/have your credential(s) helped you in your career?
The TESOL Certificate program taught me how to teach in a way that is student-centered and most beneficial for the student. It gave me experience leading a class, lesson planning, and setting objectives.

Please describe the academic pathway you took to get to your current position.
I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English at Lynchburg College, then later started the TESOL Certificate program at NOVA. I observed ESL classes that Lord Fairfax offered as part of the Certificate requirements, so when I completed my certificate I contacted the Lord Fairfax contact I went through to set up observation hours to see if they were hiring. A few months later, Lord Fairfax notified me that they were hiring. I applied and got the job!

Where do you see yourself in your career in five years? Ten?
I’d like to have a Master’s degree in TESOL, and be teaching full-time to ESL students taking credit classes at a university.