Student Wins HR Internship

College Central Network (CCN) is a resource offered to NOVA Workforce students to connect them with careers and internship opportunities. Below is a testimonial from Dean Cogdill, a business professor at NOVA, and a student, about their success with CCN:

Dean Cogdill:

“As students seek better jobs while in school, I discovered that bringing college resources into the classroom really pays off! My business students have enjoyed four semesters of presentations with Erika Coddington, from NOVA’s Career Services division of Business Engagement, the department that manages NOVA’s College Central Network. She showed them how to utilize the database, write a better resume and after those appearances, 14 of my students have found steadier employment while in school and enjoying those increased opportunities. Thank you CCN!”

Business Student:

“During spring break, Professor Cogdill announced that there is a new HR internship at MOJA (an information technology company) available on the College Central Network. I checked out the internship… Even though it was an HR internship, I wanted to at least do the interview. The internship would give me an idea of what the recruiters are looking for when they are hiring. I emailed my resume to the business manager and we scheduled an interview.

“Before the interview, Professor Cogdill and I scheduled a meeting to do a mock interview so that I’d be better prepared. Finally, I had the interview and it went well. Today (3/28/18) was my first day of the internship. The College Central Network really made it simple to contact and get information about the company. Also, what makes it so easy is that all the jobs posted there are looking for NOVA students only, which makes the chances of finding a job that much easier. 

“Thank you so much for coming to our class and informing us about the CCN, it will greatly assist the students at NOVA if used to its full potential.”