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Workforce Development Division Participates In ISSA-NOVA Event

The Workforce Development Division participated in The Information Systems Security Association Northern Virginia Chapter’s (ISSA-NOVA) annual social.   ISSA is the nation’s largest organization for Information Security Professionals. The ISSA-NOVA chapter is the nation’s largest chapter with over 500 active members. In fact, it was announced on July 17, 2014 that ISSA-NOVA has been named “Chapter of the Year” by the International Board of Directors. During this event, WDD representatives had the opportunity to network with chapter members sharing information about how we can help enhance their careers and businesses.

The Workforce Development Division recently secured an Education Alliance with ISSA-NOVA. Through this alliance, chapter members can take Workforce Courses at special discount prices. Alex Grohmann, ISSA-NOVA Chapter President reiterated his commitment to continue developing our education alliance and to work with the WDD on future Workforce Initiatives including the upcoming Workforce Industry Career Fair.