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Leadership Development one-day workshop (save!)

We are under two weeks away from our one-day Leadership Development workshop on May 8, 2015, and you can save $10 by signing up this week! Call 703-323-3281 to sign up for Leadercast, a workshop experience that will bring you insight from The Brave Ones—leaders who push their organizations further and who stand up for the less fortunate.

Tickets are now on sale for $70, and seats are filling fast; register today and join us on Friday, May 8 for Leadercast!


Workforce Development Division to Host Leadercast 2015

On May 8, 2015, the Workforce Development Division will host a live broadcast of the 16th annual Leadercast at NOVA’s Annandale Campus.

Leadercast is the premier development event for leadership growth at all levels. Simulcast live from Atlanta to hundreds of locations around the world, Leadercast enables and empowers local communities by giving them access to world-renowned content, and raises up leaders who live for more than themselves.


This year, Leadercast showcases “the Brave Ones” — leaders who push their organizations further and who stand up for the less fortunate.

An essential behavior for any leader is the act of bravery. Bravery is not a moniker that can be bought… it cannot be self-appointed. Bravery is not attributed to everyone, but is reserved for those whose innovation in their industry cause them to stand out from the crowd, whose unyielding effort and error push their organizations into new territories, and whose boldness compels them to stand up for those less fortunate. These are The Brave Ones.


The Brave Ones have existed throughout history. Some are unforgettable icons, others names will never be remembered. They exist across all industries, societies, and at every level of leadership. Join us at Leadercast Live in 2015 as we explore The Brave Ones, and learn what it means to lead in such a way that creates bold cultures, builds faithful employees, and produces high achievement.


Event details:

Friday, May 8 2015 – 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Registration fee: $80 (nonrefundable)

Includes admission, lunch, and event portfolio


For more information and to register, sign up at


Workforce Development Division to Host Leadercast 2014

On May 9, 2014 the Workforce Development Division will host Leadercast 2014.  This event will feature internationally recognized leadership experts including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Laura Bush, Bill McDermott, Laura Schroff, and Malcolm Gladwell among a host of others high profile knowledge leaders.

This high powered event reaches over 100,000 leaders in 14 countries around the world.  Now in its 15th year, this full-day experiential conference is on track to reach its largest audience to date. This year’s theme -“Beyond You” – challenges leaders to focus outward rather than inward.  NOVA is pleased to bring this global learning opportunity to the Northern Virginia business community.

Register for this exciting event today at our website here

Space is limited and early registration is recommended. Lunch and a presentation folder will be provided to attendees.  For more information, send an email to NOVA_customizedtraining@nvcc.edu or call 703.323.3281.