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Workforce Development Division Launches New Business Coalition

The NOVA Workforce Development Business Coalition (NOVA-WDBC) is a newly formed group comprised of NOVA representatives, business industry and government professionals. The WDBC works together to determine, develop, and implement training and education solutions for production of a skilled workforce in the areas of industry need. The WDBC is needed to provide NOVA WDD with direct input from the business industry on what training and education programs need to be developed and delivered to the workforce to produce the skills being sought by employers. The NOVA-WDBC will focus on the skills gaps and high need areas in a clear and timely fashion in order to help produce more qualified skilled workforce personnel for industry and government.  The first meeting of the WD Business Coalition will be December 3, 2013 at the Ernst Center on the NOVA Annandale Campus, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  For more information please contact Cinthia Molinari via email camolinari@nvcc.edu  or phone 703-323-3281.

Workforce Development Division Hosts Workforce Industry Building Learning Series Project Management Event

On Thursday, April 18 the Workforce Development Division hosted the 2nd Installment of the Workforce Industry Building Learning Series.  The purpose of this series is to build the Workforce Development Division business services brand with the Northern Virginia business community.  The theme for this event was Project Management.  Executives representing a cross-section of the Northern Virginia business community attended the dinner presentation, entitled “Making Implementation of PMP Best Practices Affordable,” at Annandale’s Ernst Center.  The keynote speaker was Matthew Weaver, who is PMP, CSM and UTIL certified.  Mr. Weaver is also considered one of the top authorities on the topic of Project Management.  He discussed detailed steps businesses can take to integrate project management methodology into their core business processes.   Based on a feedback survey 100% of the attendees found the event “informative and interesting.”

The demand for events like this is very strong as nearly 90% of attendees said they would attend future NOVA learning series events. Several attendees expressed appreciation to Workforce Development Division staff for producing this informative business outreach opportunity and would like to work with the Workforce Development Division in developing training programs for their organizations.   As a result of the strong interest generated by series attendees, the Workforce Development Division will continue to host Workforce Industry Building Learning events around topics of critical interest to the Northern Virginia business community.