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Educating Youth Through Employment

NOVA’s Workforce Development Division attended the recent EYE (Educating Youth through Employment) Appreciation and Awards Ceremony earlier this month. Held by The SkillSource Group, the event celebrated the youth and the employers who participated in the EYE program – a summer initiative that recruits, screens and matches youth ages 18-21 with professional opportunities in the private and public sector, and with other local businesses. SkillSource, in coordination with Fairfax County’s Department of Family Services, has successfully implemented this employer-driven summer employment initiative since 2006.

These young adults are required to attend intensive training workshops before and during their work experiences. The EYE program offers local youth more than just a summer job, but rather an exciting, professional opportunity with training that will allow them to explore a career path that matches their interest. (SkillSource Group)

It was pleasing to see the number of employers who chose to give back to the community by hiring youth this summer. A considerable number of the EYE program participants will be attending Northern Virginia Community College. NOVA Workforce Development representatives met with the students and provided insight into courses and programs available to help the students meet their future goals.

Congratulations to SkillSource, the EYE Program employers, and all the community partners, but most importantly congrats to this year’s EYE Program participants.


SkillSource Group EYE program | Educating Youth through Employment

Joe Matope is a Business Development Manager with NOVA Workforce Development Division, and works with employers to develop and deliver customized training solutions for their staff. For more information about NOVA Workforce Development Division’s collaboration with SkillSource Group, contact Joe at jmatope@nvcc.edu.

Leadercast 2015: featuring Compton City Mayor Aja Brown

On May 8, 2015, the Workforce Development Division will host a live simulcast of the 16th annual Leadercast at NOVA’s Annandale Campus. Leadercast is the premier development event for leadership growth at all levels.

This year, Leadercast showcases “The Brave Ones” — leaders who push their organizations further and who stand up for the less fortunate. Today we’d like to introduce you to Mayor Aja Brown.



Aja Brown
Mayor, City of Compton

Positive Change Requires Extreme Boldness

On June 4, 2013, Aja Brown made history as the City of Compton’s youngest elected Mayor at the age of 31. With over 10 years of experience in community and economic development, Mayor Aja Brown has proven to be a strategic visionary concentrated on improving outcomes through policy reform, innovation and strategic partnerships, proudly serving the citizens of Compton. Since induction, Mayor Brown has made major strides in improving the quality of life for Compton residents and stakeholders alike. Mayor Brown has launched several community initiatives including the “Compton Community Policing Task Force,” a network of law enforcement agencies and community activist that implement gang intervention and prevention strategies, tackling complex social issues such as human trafficking head on. Mayor Brown has received the prestigious University of Southern California 2014 Young Alumni Merit Award, participated as the 2013 Pat Brown Institute Distinguished Lecturer, is the recipient of the National Action Network Martin Luther King Award and is a strong advocate for youth, women’s rights and equality. Mayor Aja Brown’s bold brand of leadership is turning the tide in one of America’s most troubled cities.

CBS Video: “Compton mayor hopes to revitalize city” (January 2014)


Los Angeles Sentinel: “Meet the Mayor” (April 2015)
Part 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw8vJlTeTUQ
Part 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuGvif9Kln8

Event details:

Friday, May 8 2015 – 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Registration fee: $80 (nonrefundable)
Includes admission, lunch, and event portfolio

For more information and to register, sign up at