Workforce Development Division Offers “Resiliency Training”

Stress in the workplace isn’t new, but today’s rapid-fire pace has brought job stress to new levels. Many people are dealing with increased workloads, decreased benefits, worries about job security, and technology that makes it hard to “unplug.” Studies show that individuals with high job stress incur significantly higher health care costs. Companies must find ways to overcome this because it impacts their success and their bottom line.

In this new one-day Resiliency in the Workplace workshop offered by NOVA’s Workforce Development Division, uncover ways to boost morale, increase productivity and combat the effects of stress in challenging working conditions. Based on extensive resiliency research, this training is designed for individuals or groups from any occupation … and will give participants skills to persevere, adapt and even thrive in challenging workplace settings.

To register for this one-day workshop please visit our website and follow the Resiliency Training link.  Please contact Martha Kossoff at 703-323-3053 if you have any questions.


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