Workforce Development Division Offers Tradesmen License Renewal Courses Online

The WDD now offers Tradesmen License Renewal courses for electricians, HVAC mechanics, master plumbers, and gas fitters ONLINE.

Up until this time, we have been offering these courses in a classroom setting. As an added convenience tradesmen who need to renew their licenses can now do so with our online courses.  Registration is continuous and tradesmen can begin a course when they choose. 

Online registration is available at: 

Listed below are the course codes and numbers:

  • Continuing Education for Tradesmen – Electricians (ELEC 1924-01M) Class #69442
  • Continuing Education for Tradesmen – HVAC (HVAC 1902-01M) Class #69443
  • Continuing Education for Tradesmen – Plumbers (PLMB 1904-01M) Class #69444
  • Continuing Education for Tradesmen – Gas Fitters (GASF 1903-01M) Class #70245

Please contact Cindy Langguth at 703-257-6590 if you have any questions on the process.

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