Working Students Success Network

Most students today don’t have the simple luxury of just attending classes and then going home to study. Many of you have jobs, families, money worries, and car problems. Your financial challenges may make it seem like you are working harder to go forward only to find you’re stuck in place. But we want you to know there are resources and steps you can take to gain traction, earn your degree, and achieve financial stability.

Changing the conversation from worry to solutions. We have talked with students who have come before you about how to lighten the burden, and this is what they say they need:

  • More information about careers early on in the educational process.
  • Less time spent on catch up, or remedial, courses that don’t seem to relate to your academic or career goals.
  • More advice and counseling that’s available and easy to find when you need it.
  • More understanding and help with financial and logistical challenges that come up–those hard-to-predict life complications.

That last one—finances—is a big deal. Recognizing that you need to be on stronger financial footing might even be at the heart of why you’re here today. So, in addition to being your academic guides, we want to be your financial coaches too.

Through a national initiative called the Working Students Success Network we’re adding supports in three areas to keep you on track to your degree.

  1. Connecting your educational goals to your career goals. In addition to solid academics and advising, we offer career counseling and training on specific skills for targeted industries or occupations. If you take advantage of this up front, you’ll streamline the path to the finish line.
  2. Finding income and work supports to tide you over when life gets complicated. We’re working to provide complementary supports that help you complete school and find your financial footing. We’ll ensure that you know about things like emergency aid, food banks, help with transportation, day care, housing; help with filing taxes and FAFSA forms to make sure you can access what you will need.
  3. Linking you to financial services and asset building for the long haul. Everyone needs financial coaching and help in planning their future. We will help you acquire the essential survival tools to manage your finances in a way that gets you not just through school but moving ahead for life. We’ve got exciting courses and partnerships with local financial institutions to make this happen.

The ultimate goal is simple. When you walk out our doors with your degree or certificate in hand, we want you to have a plan for your career or for more study, a sense of financial control for yourself and your family, and the stability that makes pursuing your dreams possible.

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