Fall 2018 Workshops – Join Us!

Fall 2018 Student Workshop Series

Single Stop: Finding Money to Cover Life Expenses
Single Stop_ Finding Money to Cover Life Expenses – Flyer

Single Stop empowers and equips students to become financially stable, pursue their education, and achieve long-term goals that transform the trajectory of their lives. Learn about the steps you can take to gain financial stability! We will show you in 10-minutes what money you could receive to offset the cost of college and help pay for everyday expenses.

  • Thursday, 9/27/18, 3PM – 4PM, Medical Education Campus, Room 355
  • Wednesday, 10/3/18, 1PM – 2PM, Manassas Campus, MP-116
  • Thursday, 10/11/18, 3PM – 4PM, Woodbridge Campus, WAS230K
  • Wednesday, 10/24/18, 2PM – 3PM, Annandale Campus, CT-225
  • Wednesday, 10/31/18, 1PM – 2PM, Loudoun Campus, LW-104
  • Monday, 11/12/18, 1PM – 2PM, Alexandria Campus, AA-234

Secrets to Credit Scores
Secrets to Credit Scores – Flyer

Discover what goes into credit scores, where they come from, why there are so many, and what you can do now to ensure your scores qualify you for the credit you want. Better credit means you pay less!

  • Wednesday, 10/10/18, 1PM – 2PM, Annandale Campus, CN-125
  • Thursday, 10/11/18, 1:30PM-2:30PM, Manassas Campus
  • Tuesday, 10/23/18, 1PM – 2PM, MEC Campus, Room 335
  • Monday, 10/29/18, 1PM – 2PM, Woodbridge Campus, WAS230K
  • Monday, 11/5/18, 2PM – 3PM, Loudoun Campus, LW-104
  • Monday, 11/26/18, 1PM – 2PM, Alexandria Campus, AA-234

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