Personal Financial Services

NOVA’s Personal Financial Services gives students access to an Accredited Financial Counselor, Financial Coach, and financial educator. Students can meet one-on-one with our Financial Expert or attend financial workshops for a range of financial services to improve financial well-being. Services include: analysis of current financial standing, development of a spending plan, teachings on credit, savings, investing, the home-buying process, and more. Students can also work with the Financial Expert to understand their rights as a consumer when debts are in collections, filing complaints or reports against financial institutions, negotiating with lenders, and correcting and improving credit reports.

Meet Diana.

Financial Coaching services can cost between $50-$250/hour in the marketplace. We have access to Diana Yacob, an Accredited Financial Counselor® and a Financial Fitness Coach who holds an M.S. in Personal Financial Planning, at no cost to you.

Diana Kyu Yacob is an accredited financial counselor and financial fitness coach through the Association of Financial Counseling Planning and Education (AFCPE). She is also a financial therapist receiving training from Kansas State University, the first University to open a financial therapy clinic.

She completed her B.S in Family Studies from the University of Maryland and her M.S in family financial planning from Kansas State University.  She’s presented on numerous personal financial topics and on various platforms including CBS radio, FDIC’s Financial Education summit, Financial Literacy Leadership Conference, and also at the AFCPE Symposium.

She is currently in her third year of her doctoral studies researching personal financial planning with a concentration in behavioral finances. Diana is a financial professional serving students on all NVCC campuses.










Contact Diana for an appointment! You can reach her at:

Financial coaching is a process to help people link their behavior to their goals and values. Coaching is a way of working together in an equal partnership rather than as an “expert” there to give advice or issue directives. Coaches provide regular one-on-one sessions to help you link your goals and values to your financial dream, create an action plan and track progress towards the goals mutually set by you and your Financial Coach.

Individuals and families can get help with:

  • Identifying your financial goals
  • Creating a plan(s)
  • Tracking your progress
  • And more!
Frequently Asked Questions

What makes financial coaching different from financial counseling or education? Financial coaching approaches the relationship from the position that the client knows what is best for their situation. The coach is there to provide support, encouragement, and accountability as the client defines and moves toward their goals. There are times that the client needs specific and concrete information to help them achieve their goals; in those situations the coach offers the information without attachment or judgement about the outcome or the client’s final decision. In short, the final decision always rests with the client.

Who is the Financial Coach? Our Financial Coach is Diana Yacob. She is an Accredited Financial Counselor®. She has her M.S. in Personal Financial Planning. She has also received training as a Master Financial Education Volunteer (MFEV). She is very committed to helping individuals and families to improve their level of living.

Who can receive financial coaching? All are eligible for this free service.

Where are the financial coaching sessions held? All in-person coaching sessions take place at Fairlington Community Center. The coach is not able to meet you at your home or a public location. If you have a case manager at the Department of Human Services and would like to have your sessions at the DHS office, please contact your case manager to set up a meeting.

Are all coaching sessions in-person? It is recommended that the first coaching session be in in-person, but phone sessions are also an option if you are unable to meet in-person or also for follow-up sessions.

Do you provide financial assistance? We do not have the ability to offer financial assistance to clients. We can, however, provide referrals to partner organizations for financial assistance under special circumstances.

Are these meetings confidential? Yes, the meetings are confidential. Our Financial Coach only shares information that is requested by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The information requested is being collected to assist in providing you with financial coaching services. CFPB will not obtain or access any information that directly identifies participants and any answers you provide will not be tied to you individually. The agency will only obtain and access de-identified results and aggregated analyses of those results.

How much do these coaching sessions cost? We provide financial coaching at no charge to you.

How many sessions am I allowed? Every individual and family is different including: circumstances, goals, etc. The number of sessions will be determined by client and coach together based on need.

What should I bring to these meetings? You are not required to bring anything to the meetings.

How do I get started? Contact Diana at 571-279-8628 or email her at