CHILD CARE ASSISTANCE (via City of Alexandria DHS Website)
Child Care Assistance programs provide funding to enhance the quality, affordability and availability of child care for Alexandria families. Child care programs are child-centered, family-focused services that support the family goals of economic self-sufficiency and child development by providing substitute parental care, protection, guidance and early childhood education.

Programs offered by the City of Alexandria, include:

    • TANF Child Care–If a parent or legal guardian is receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), they may may be eligible for child care assistance to make it possible for them to work, participate in an approved training activity or go to school. There is no fee for this program. For more information or to apply for this service 703-746-5437
  • Transitional Child Care–If a parent or legal guardian has received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) within the last twelve months, they may be eligible to receive assistance with child care, depending on income, to support their employment.  Families pay a single fee, based on their income, directly to the provider of care. The remainder of the cost of care is paid by the Department of Community & Human Services.


  • Child Care Subsidy Program Day Care Fee System–Families may be eligible, depending on income, for a child care subsidy, if both parents are working, going to school or participating in training. Families pay a single fee, based on their income, directly to the provider of care. The remainder of the cost of care is paid by the Department of Community & Human Services. To be screened for this program, contact the Early Childhood Division at 703-746-5437


Choosing child care is a personal decision. This website provides information to help you make that decision. Local permitting regulations and state licensing standards are minimum requirements and do not guarantee quality programs. We urge parents to visit and carefully interview as many providers as possible before making a selection. Use the Child Care Checklist when visiting a provider and check the provider’s blue registration permit or state license to ensure that their registration is valid and that they have space for your child. Providers should also be able to present documentation of the training they have received.

The Early Childhood Division (ECD) does not specifically endorse any provider and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information about providers. All child care arrangements are the responsibility of the parents and the provider.

  • Approved family child care providers

Licensed child care programs, including before- and after-school programs and summer camps and the results of recent inspections and compliance history, can be found at You may also contact the Fairfax Regional Licensing Office at 703-934-1505


Arlington County Childcare Subsidy
-Provides financial support, in the form of a subsidy, for childcare to lower-income families participating in an approved activity (working or attending school).
-We provide a listing for licensed family child care homes and early childhood programs that accept the subsidy.
-This program is for Arlington residents with low income who are working (part-time or full-time) or going to school


-Child Care Assistance and Referral (CCAR) Program
Child care assistance may be available to families that are income eligible and demonstrate a need for care (due to employment, enrollment in school or participation in training) by working or participating in an education/training activity.
CCAR provides assistance with the cost of child care of children from birth to age 12 in family child care homes,centers and school-aged child care.
(703) 449-8484


Loudoun County Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is available to low-and-moderate-income families in Loudoun County who are working, or are in approved education / training programs, and are parenting children from birth to age 13. This program assists with child care payments to day care centers and licensed family child care home providers.


Child Care Services

Financial assistance is provided to eligible families to help with the cost of child care so they can work or attend education programs

Energy Assistance (Fuel, Crisis, or Cooling)

Low-income households may receive assistance with their energy bills.

Food Assistance (SNAP)

SNAP can be used like cash to buy eligible food items from authorized retailers.

Temporary Cash Assistance for Families with Minor Children (TANF)

TANF is designed to help needy families achieve self-sufficiency. Virginia has received block grants to operate programs that accomplish this.

Auxiliary Grant

The Auxiliary Grant (AG) Program provides financial assistance to eligible individuals with Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other low-income aged, blind, and disabled individuals interested in residing in a Department of Social Services licensed Assisted Living Facility or a local department of social services approved Adult Foster Care Home. The grant supplements the individual’s income to pay the established AG rate.


Child Care Subsidy Program

  • Provides financial assistance to eligible families to help pay for the cost of child care so they can work or attend education or training programs
  • child-centered and family-focused and support the broader objective of strengthening families’ goals of economic self-sufficiency and quality early childhood programs for their children.
  • Participating families may select any legally operating child day care facility eligible to participate in the program.

Prince William County

The Department of Social Services administers a variety of programs providing child care assistance to low-income working families.

Child Care Subsidy Program

  • To help low income families afford quality child care for their children.
  • To allow parents to work and become self-sufficient.