About Transfer Virginia

Through high-level collaboration among all institutions of higher education, Transfer Virginia will  reform the transfer experience and enable the Commonwealth to make measurable progress on  student success and equity. 

Although most Virginia students who start community college aim to receive a baccalaureate degree, less than a third of them ever transfer. Students aiming to transfer must navigate  cumbersome processes, often lose credit for work completed at prior institutions, and face other  obstacles. To become the best educated state by 2030—a goal articulated in the Virginia Plan for  Higher Education—the Commonwealth must address these barriers.  

Transfer Virginia is a collaborative partnership between the State Council of Higher Education, the  Virginia Community College System, the Aspen Institute, HCM Strategists, and Sova. It embraces the  growing need for seamless transfer among the Commonwealth’s institutions by: 

  • Engaging key stakeholders to improve communication and facilitate collaboration. 
  • Engaging faculty across institutions to better align academic expectations at two-year and  four-year schools. 
  • Developing program maps that will guide students from high school to community college to  university degree completion. 
  • Streamlining transfer articulation agreements and improving guaranteed admission  agreements. 
  • Creating models for regional dual-admission and co-enrollment programs. 
  • Developing an online transfer portal that serves all students.